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April 2013 Meeting Minutes

Date: April 17, 2013

Time: 4:30 p.m. –  6:30 p.m.

Location: Q Center, 4115 N Mississippi, Portland, OR 97217

Committee Attendees: Donita Fry, Damon Isiah-Turner, Commander Mike Crebs, Ken Brown, Patricia Ford,  Asst. Chief Larry O’Dea, María Lisa Johnson, Allan Lazo, Jamie Dunphy, Deanna Wesson-Mitchell

Staff Attendee:  Jeff Selby

Audience: Twelve community members

Welcome and Introductions

  • Chair Donita Fry called the meeting to order at 4:45 p.m.


Receive Minutes and Approve Agenda

  • Asst. Chief O’Dea corrected the Meeting Minutes: “The next steps include an internal investigation and a review board that includes citizens, command, and peers.” (deleting "and Dan Handelman from Portland Copwatch.”)
  • María Lisa corrected the Meeting Minutes: “Captain Pat Walsh proposed deleting the video communications tools element due to limited time and resources.” (deleting "since he is involved in a youth program that will develop a smartphone app to connect with PPB officers.")
    • Approve minutes as corrected.
  • Commander Crebs suggested adding Asst. Chief Donna Henderson to the agenda after Community Outreach Strategy.
      • Approve agenda as amended.


CPRC Vacancies and Nomination Process

  • Capt. Chris Uehara will fill the open PPB CPRC position as recommended by Asst. Chief O’Dea.
  • María Lisa explained the nomination process for Human Rights Commission and CPRC.


Subcommittee Award

  • The Building Community By Understanding the Diversity of our Cultural Experiences Subcommittee was awarded the PPB Achievement Medal on April 16, 2013.
  • Asst. Chief O’Dea read the Portland Police Bureau Achievement Medal nomination (attached).


Community Outreach Strategy

  • Jamie Dunphy presented the “Process for Gathering Community Input” document (attached).
  • María Lisa reminded the committee that CPRC has discussed targeting meetings to specific communities a few times per year.


Asst. Chief Donna Henderson (Chair, Alliance for Safe Communities)

  • Asst. Chief Henderson said the Sexual Minority Roundtable is now called the Alliance for Safe Communities (ASC).
  • She said she is a lesbian and has been supported by the PPB in her career and is “really coming along.”
  • The group discusses bias crimes and is a liaison mainly between the PPB and LGBTQ community, but invites any interested community member to attend its meetings (2nd Tuesday of the month at Noon at the Justice Center).
  • ASC is preparing to participate in the Gay Pride parade this summer—all walkers are welcome.
  • Allan Lazo asked if all PPB minority groups would roll into the ASC. Asst. Chief Henderson replied that other advisory councils and minority groups will stay intact, and that community members should pick the group with whom they’re most comfortable.


Q Patrol (Mike Boyer, ONI)

  • Mike Boyer said the Q Patrol is not a City-owned entity, but rather a program of the Q Center that was started in response to some bias crimes committed in 2010.
  • Q Patrol covers an area around downtown LGBTQ bars from 11:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights from Memorial Day Weekend to Halloween.
  • PPB supports Q Patrol by supplying mobile phones and equipment storage.
  • Paul Fukui from Q Center thanked Mike and ONI for their work on Q Patrol.


Public Comment

  • Jeff Selby addressed The Skanner article that called out OEHR for not reaching out to the community. He explained the internal focus of the OEHR and said they need to do a better job of telling their story and to get out in the community more and shed light on those appearances and involvement more.
  • Michael Meo, from the Pacific Green Party, said the PPB should be held accountable and the City is not doing a good job doing that, since no one has been fired.
  • Alan Martinez provided an account of his recent interaction with a police officer during a traffic stop.
  • Dan Handelman from Copwatch is hoping the Statistics on Racial Profiling will be released soon. He would also like the PPB to post its progress on the DOJ agreement on its website.
  • Nicole Brown is a community organizer from Center for Intercultural Organizing and said that outreach to grassroots organizations in addition to neighborhood associations would be more effective. She also added that the term, “bias crime” should actually be, “hate crime.”
  • Irene Konev from IPR Citizen Review Committee (CRC) said that they have received about 300 applications for the two DOJ investigative pool positions. Candidate review is underway and an announcement is forthcoming. CRC received 53 (24 women, 29 men) applications for CRC positions after culturally-targeted recruitment outreach. The Slavic Council has met five times and is going well.
  • Paul Fukui from Q Center thanked and welcomed everyone for attending the meeting. He announced the Race and Ethnicity in the LGBTQ Community event featuring Kathleen Sadaat happening on April 30. He gave an overview and introduction to the Q Center and its amenities.



  • Committee members gave their personal reflections.
  • María Lisa announced that the Sheriff decided a few weeks ago to no longer hold people without documents (for minor crimes) for processing by Homeland Security.
  • Asst. Chief O’Dea thanked Asst. Chief Henderson for attending and for being a great partner.
  • Food was provided by Mississippi Pizza. Meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.