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Office of Equity and Human Rights

Realizing Equity. Enhancing the City of Portland.

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March 2013 Meeting Minutes

Date: March 20, 2013

Time: 4:30 p.m. –  6:30 p.m.

Location: Northeast Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) 4815 NE 7th Ave., Portland, OR 97211

Committee Attendees: Donita Fry, Damon Isiah-Turner, Commander Mike Crebs, Ken Brown, Patricia Ford, Captain Pat Walsh, Asst. Chief Larry O’Dea, María Lisa Johnson

Staff Attendee:  Jeff Selby

Audience: Eight community members

Welcome and Introductions

  • Chair Donita Fry called the meeting to order at 4:35 p.m.
  • Katy Asher from NECN introduced herself and gave background on NECN.
  • All attendees introduced themselves to the group.


Receive Minutes and Approve Agenda

  • Ken Brown noted a correction on the Meeting Minutes, changing the date of the Q Center planning meeting to March 22 from March 12.
    • Approve minutes as corrected.
      • Approve agenda.


Presentation of “The Talent Within” Competition – Capt. Chris Uehara & Sgt. Tim Sessions

  • The talent show features 14 acts from 12 area schools (Portland Public Schools, David Douglas, and Parkrose schools).
  • Sponsored by Z-Man Scholarship Fund and Portland Police Bureau



Update on 2/17/13 Shooting – Asst. Chief Larry O’Dea

  • On March 6th, a Multnomah County Grand Jury returned a “not true bill” in the death of Merle Hatch. The grand jury determined that the shooting by members of the Portland Police Bureau was justified under the criminal law.
  • The next steps include an internal investigation and a review board that includes citizens, command, and peers. That group will make recommendations to Chief Mike Reese.


Update on the Agreement with the Department of Justice – Captain Pat Walsh

  • All parties (Department of Justice, Albina Ministerial Alliance Coalition for Justice and Police Reform (AMA), Portland Police Association, and City of Portland) have agreed on a mediator: retired Oregon Supreme Court Chief Justice Paul De Muniz.
  • PPB is still moving forward with some action items from the original settlement including developing the Behavioral Health Unit.


Work Plan Action Items for March

  • Building Community By Understanding the Diversity of our Cultural Experiences Subcommittee Report – Damon Isiah Turner & Emma Covelli
    • Completed training of PPB command staff in December, 2012
    • Preparing for Sergeant’s training (134 sergeants) which is tentatively planned for the end of summer, 2013
    • Developing equity analysis tools to follow up with PPB command staff
    • Discussion of Outreach Strategy
      • Jamie Dunphy has taken the lead on Outreach Strategy, but since he is absent, a detailed update is expected at the next CPRC meeting.
      • María Lisa Johnson proposed planning four of the CPRC meetings per year to focus on issues specific to the audience at each meeting venue.
      • Review Pending Items, remind committee of assignments – Donita Fry
        • Organization Development:  Refining Vision, Mission and Purpose
          • Goal 2:  Ensure CPRC’s relevance and responsiveness to Portland’s diverse communities
            • “Consider adding a member of ONI to CPRC” Donita Fry will discuss this at the next Human Rights Commission Executive Committee meeting.
  • Visibility and Promotion
    • Goal 1: Increase public understanding of the CPRC’s work
      • Commander Mike Crebs, Jeff Selby, and Jamie Dunphy will meet on March 25 to discuss the brochure.
      • Captain Pat Walsh proposed deleting the video communications tools element due to limited time and resources.
      • Goal 2:  Develop Direct Communications with the Mayor and other city elected officials
        • Human Rights Commissioners on the CPRC will include CPRC topics in their meetings with elected officials
        • Donita Fry will connect with Abdul to get other updates
  • Police Policy and Practice
    • Goal:  Continue to provide informed perspectives and recommendations to policies and practices governing community policing
      • “Provide guidance in the implementation of the Plan to Address Racial Profiling.” María Lisa Johnson will track that process and develop the timeframe.
      •  “Support PPB’s Personnel Division in recruiting more cops of color.” Officer Deanna Wesson-Mitchell submitted a statement to Damon Isiah Turner to read in her absence: Officer Wesson-Mitchell reiterates that she is interested in new community outreach contacts for non-traditional police applicants. Thanks to Patricia Ford for sending her first referral. She can also talk to people about non-sworn PPB positions.
      • “Review past policy work on Immigration and Local Law Enforcement to determine progress/impact.” Assistant Chief Larry O’Dea, Capt. Pat Walsh, and María Lisa Johnson will take responsibility for the task
        • Commander Mike Crebs asked if it would make sense to include Multnomah County Law Enforcement involved in CPRC


Public Comment:

  • Kalei Luyben says she enjoys coming to the CPRC meetings because she gets to sit in the same room with PPB staff, acting like a “community should act.” She is concerned about the accuracy of press coverage of the Hatch and Cisneros shootings.
  • Dan Handelman from Portland Copwatch gave comments.
    • DOJ meeting for early April is tentative.
    • He would like the PPB to post PPB DOJ responsibilities and tasks on its website
    • He suggests having Multnomah County law enforcement rep give updates to CPRC, instead of changing bylaws to include new CPRC member
    • He would like to see institutional racism information on website
    • He is concerned about PPB officers involved with the youth talent show in uniform. Are they on duty?
    • He would like more information on the Cisneros shooting.
    • Stephanie Reynolds works in the Office of Neighborhood Involvement’s (ONI) Crime Prevention Program. They are not under the PPB or affected by the PPB Chain of Command.
      • They have three areas of focus: Problem Solving, Community Organizing, and Education.




  • Asst. Chief Larry O’Dea announced that Officer Natasha Haunsperger is resigning from the CPRC, due to her increased workload with the Slavic and Somali communities. He suggested Captain Chris Uehara as a replacement. Donita Fry will discuss this with the HRC Executive Committee.


Food was provided by Horn of Africa. Meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.