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February 2013 Meeting Minutes

Date: February 20, 2013

Time: 4:30 p.m. –  6:30 p.m.

Location: North Precinct, 449 NE Emerson St, Portland, OR 97211

Committee Attendees: Donita Fry, Allan Lazo, Damon Isiah-Turner, Commander Mike Crebs, Ken Brown,  Sergeant Anthony Passadore, Jamie Dunphy, Patricia Ford, Captain Pat Walsh, Abdul Majidi, Officer Deanna Wesson-Mitchell, Antonio Chimuku

Staff Attendee:  Jeff Selby

Welcome and Introductions

  • Chair Donita Fry called the meeting to order at 4:40 p.m.
  • Attendees were introduced to new communications program coordinator for OEHR, Jeff Selby.
  • Mayor Hales’ new Policy Director, Baruti Artharee, was introduced. He said he will attend future meetings as a liaison to the CPRC.

Receive Minutes and Approve Agenda

  • Since last meeting was focused specifically on the Strategic Plan, no meeting minutes were kept. The Strategic Plan serves as record of the meeting.
    • Approve agenda.

Review Draft Work Plan

  • Organization Development / Goal #2
    • Donita Fry will reach out to ONI in March to see if they can send a representative to CPRC Meetings.
    • Donita Fry said outreach is vital to ensuring CPRC Meetings are open to grassroots energy. Community discussion time will be included on future agendas.
    • Jaime Dunphy volunteered to head the development process for gathering community input.
    • Visibility and Promotion / Goal #1
      • Captain Pat Walsh volunteered to head the development of video communications tools.
      • Abdul Majidi volunteered to help build relationships with elected officials
      • Visibility and Promotion / Goal #2
        • Donita Fry and Antonio Chimuku will touch base with Mayor Hales’ new Policy Director, Baruti Artharee, to discuss a regular liaison presence at CPRC meetings.
        • Police Policy and Practice
          • Officer Deanna Wesson-Mitchell mentioned that building relationships and a network with community leaders who will encourage people of color to apply might be more effective than holding a forum to hear why individuals of color don’t apply for PPB jobs. She said that people of color have mentioned that they have applied for PPB positions because someone they know told them about it. She invited CPRC members to join her in the process.
          • Commander Mike Crebs suggested that CPRC have its own Outreach Subcommittee. Commander Crebs volunteered to head that subcommittee and Patricia Ford will assist.
          • Abdul Majidi stated that the CPRC should have a media spokesperson.
          • Sergeant Anthony Passadore volunteered to be the contact person for arranging CPRC meeting locations around the city. Damon Isiah Turner and Capt. Pat Walsh will assist.

Work Plan Action Items for February

  • Website Update – Jeff Selby / Donita Fry
    • OEHR’s website will move to new platform in the next few months. The site will be created from scratch and will be more intuitive, practical, and more attractive.
    • Ensure website (when we move to new platform) reflects calendar of events and that the CPRC page is linked to the PPB site.
    • Donita requests that CPRC Meeting Minutes be posted to the website. Past Meeting Minutes will be available on the new website platform.
    • Committee members will send Jeff Selby biographies and photos to post on the new website.
    • Brochure – Commander Mike Crebs
      • Commander Crebs introduced the first draft of the brochure
        • Feedback included the need for high resolution photos, messaging targeted more toward the reader and less “we” references, more photos of the community and the CPRC together, adding an HRC reference, and changing the contact info to OEHR (Jeff Selby)
        • Jaime Dunphy and Jeff Selby will work with Commander Crebs on the brochure process
        • Update on Subcommittee Work
          • Damon Isiah Turner gave an update on the Building Community by Understanding the Diversity of Our Cultural Experiences sub committee
            • Completed training of PBB command staff in December, 2012
            • In the process of collecting  different models of equity analysis tools to follow up with PBB command staff
            • Preparing for Sergeant’s training which is tentatively planned for September, 2013
            • Q Center meeting location – Ken Brown
              • There is a meeting on March 22 to discuss holding the April CPRC Meeting at the Q Center.

Updates on the Agreement with the Department of Justice

  • Discussed Community Outreach Work – CPRC possible roles
  • Commander Mike Crebs is overseeing the PPB Outreach process and is also leading the CPRC Outreach subcommittee (with Patricia Ford). Commander Crebs will develop seprate plans for both processes.
  • Commander Crebs gave an update on the DOJ Outreach process
    • Members for a Community Oversight Advisory Board (COAB) and Compliance Officer/Community Liaison (COCL) need to be chosen to develop an outreach plan
    • Commander Crebs has been benchmarking with bureaus who excel at outreach
      • Benchmark feedback included:
        • the need to quantify what PPB is doing and how often the bureau participates in community activities
        • no one knows what PPB is doing in the community
        • find new audiences who are not just cheerleaders of PPB
        • Damon Isiah Turner suggested contacting the City’s Public Involvement Advisory Committee (PIAC) for guidance
        • Captain Pat Walsh gave an update on DOJ
          • U.S. District Court Judge Michael Simon ruled that although the Albina Ministerial Alliance (AMA) Coalition for Justice and Police Reform AMA is not a party to the settlement agreement, they will be allowed to participate in mediation among the City of Portland, the Department of Justice, and the Portland Police Association, to address a settlement agreement on police reforms.
          • A mediator needs to be determined. A court date is set for February 28 where each party can recommend a mediator preference.
          • Judge Simon will set a date in May if no mediation proposal is in place.
          • Parties are still waiting to sign the agreement.

Public Comment:

  • Debbie Aiona recommended that the CPRC focus more on public issues rather than just work discussion if they want to attract more public participation
  • Monica Juarbe says that she is intimidated by police officers with firearms at public meetings and asked how public comment is being addressed by CPRC
  • Dan Handelman from Portland Copwatch gave comments.
    • The AMA Coalition is not asking for the DOJ Agreement findings to be expanded to cover people of color, but the idea is that the proposed remedies for police use of force against people with mental illness also apply to people of color. The idea is to strengthen the document to make it better for all communities.
    • Churches would be a great place to hold CPRC Meetings and appreciate those officers who participate without their firearms.
    • Gender Parity Training is recommended.
    • Dan hopes that PPB will work with activists to improve relations.
    • The shooting at Adventist Health is of great concern to the community.


Food was provided by Old Town Pizza.

Meeting adjourned at 6:40 p.m.