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February 10, 2012

Portland Commission on Disability


Meeting & Retreat

Friday, February 10, 2012

10:00 – 11:00 AM


Portland Building: 2nd Floor, Conference Room C

1220 SW Fifth Avenue, Portland, OR 97204

Commissioners Present:

Amy Anderson               Jonathan Brinckman        Steven Brown

Jan Campbell                 Christina Cooper              Charles Davis

Alan DeLa Torre             Eli Ettinger                      Sophie Goddyn

Jewls Harris                   Lavaun Heaster               Jim Jackson

Nicholas Johnson            Adam Kriss                     Chris Logan

Nyla McCarthy               Phyllis Petteys                 Dan Pierce

Martha Simpson             Suzanne Stahl                 Carrie Jo Stairs

Michael Szporluk            Joe VanderVeer               Travis Wall

Caitlin Wood

City of Portland Staff:

Nickole Cheron, Disability Program Coordinator

Patrick Philpott, Staff Support to the Commission

Amanda Fritz, Portland City Commission

Public attendees:

Erika Petersen, ASL interpreter

Tina Buchanan, ASL interpreter



Call to Order


Nyla called the meeting to order and roll call was conducted. It was noted that there was a quorum.



Welcome & Introductions


The chair welcomed the members of the Commission and discussed the agenda. Nyla mentioned subcommittee work plan reviews, team building and leadership sessions that would follow the Commission business being conducted in the first hour of the day. She said that the Commission is looking forward to a year of change with considerable activity. The day’s meeting promised to provide considerable information to the attendees. Members of the Commission then introduced themselves to the body as part of the opening discussion.

Commission Business


Bylaws Revision

Jan introduced the proposed bylaws amendment that had been discussed in a recent executive committee. It was a revision to change the term limit for officers from two consecutive one-year terms to three consecutive one-year terms. The reason given was the amount of change for the Commission in light of the Portland Plan and the new Office of Equity. It was felt that during this time of transition, it would allow the Commission to settle into the new office and deal with the many changes. She referenced the materials provided and made a motion for the change to the bylaws.

Discussion included questions concerning the original bylaws term limits and the need to make the change. It was noted that the vice chair had changed last year and that this change would not deny any commissioner from running for office and unseating an existing officer. There were concerns that extending the term limits might block others from participating. It was clarified that the time already served by officers would count towards the newly proposed limit. A mentorship program was considered to help other commissioners prepare to become officers. Anyone interested in becoming an officer was encouraged to attend the executive committee meetings on a regular basis. Several commissioners spoke in favor of the motion. The question was called.

Motion: Jan made a motion to amend the bylaws to reflect the change in officer term limits from two consecutive one-year terms to three consecutive one-year terms. Joe seconded the motion. The amendment to the bylaws was approved by a secret ballot vote of 23 yes and one nay.


Commission Interest/Carla Danley

Nyla reviewed the executive committee’s consideration and endorsement of Carla’s Danley’s application packet to become a commissioner. Information was provided on Carla’s current participation and activity with the Commission. Carla was introduced and provided further details on the number of other boards and commissions that she participates in. She expressed her desire to participate on the Commission and also represent people with disabilities at other meetings. Alan spoke to his support that was based on the level of Carla’s activity.

Motion: Adam made a motion to approve Carla Danley to be appointed to the Portland Commission on Disability. Carrie Jo seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.


Commission Elections

The chair emeritus, Jan, introduced the annual Commission elections and opened the process to the floor. Beginning with the position of commission chair.

Motion: Caitlin moved, seconded by Suzanne, to nominate Nyla McCarthy to be Chair of the Portland Commission on Disability. There were no other nominations. The vote was conducted and Nyla was re-elected unanimously.

The floor was opened for vice-chair nominations.

Motion: Joe moved, seconded by Amy, to nominate Jewls Harris to be Vice-Chair of the Portland Commission on Disability. There were nominations for Jan Campbell and Travis Wall, both of whom declined the nomination. The vote was conducted and Jewls was re-elected unanimously.

Motion: Jan made a motion to approve the minutes. Amy seconded the motion. The minutes were approved unanimously, with one abstention.



End of Regular Commission Business

Nyla directed the commissioners to break into subcommittee work groups and begin the activities of the retreat. The regular business of the Commission concluded as the Commission meeting moved to the retreat agenda.