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Office of Equity and Human Rights

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May 2013 Meeting Minutes

Date: May 1, 2013

Time: 4:00 p.m. –  6:30 p.m.

Location: 421 SW 6th Avenue, Suite 500 Portland, OR

Commission Attendees: Kyle Busse, Allan Lazo, Deyalo Bennette, Aimee Samara, Moloy Good, Christine Rontal, Ashley Horne

Staff Attendee:  Jeff Selby

Approval of Agenda and Minutes / Welcome and Gathering

  • Chair Kyle Busse called the meeting to order at 4:09.
  • Kyle Busse recommended that in light of Dante James’ absence, the agenda should be amended to give Committee and Workgroup updates more time.
    • Approve Proposed Agenda as amended by Kyle Busse
      • Approve meeting minutes from April 3, 2013
      • Attendees and commissioners introduced themselves.


Fluoride Update

  • Kyle Busse advised the room that since the HRC is a City Committee, they are prohibited from taking a position on the fluoride ballot issue. That is why fluoride is not on the agenda for this meeting.


Community Discovery Committee – Roundtable Event

  • Aimee Samara and Deyalo Bennette introduced the initial plan, schedule, and discussion question drafts for the event.
  • Kyle and Ashley Horne raised concerns about how table discussions will be conducted.
  • Group discussion revealed that some commissioners think the Roundtable could address any gaps the community sees that HRC could cover.


Nominating Committee

  • Moloy Good introduced two new HRC candidates: Sonji Young and Sam Sachs
    • Sonji Young and Sam Sachs to fill two HRC vacancies for terms that expire October 2013
    • Aimee Samara abstained, noting concern about any potential conflict of interest involving a City Employee being a Human Rights Commissioner (note: The City Attorney’s Office states there are no legal or bylaw prohibitions for City employees to serve on the Human Rights Commission).
    • Christine Rontal offered to step down from her commission position early to allow another potential candidate to join the commission. She volunteered to continue her communications/PR efforts through the end of her term end date.


City Council Liaisons

  • Kyle mentioned that Portland Commission on Disability (PCoD) has paired their commissioners with City Commissioners as liaisons and suggested the HRC do the same.
  • Ashley, Aimee, and John Verssue have expressed interest.
  • The Executive Committee will discuss this process at their next meeting.


 Title VI Plan

  • Kyle said Shoshanah Oppenheim has asked HRC to endorse her Title VI Plan
    • Deyalo mentioned that PAALF and others in the community have concerns about the plan not addressing all issues. He said he wants to see more detail before he could vote for endorsement.
    • Allan said he endorses the concept, but cannot endorse the plan as is. He said the plan is not complete.
    • Christine Rontal recommended overlaying the HRC tool/process on this and other issues to see if the process meets the criteria.
    • Citing concerns about lack of detail and thoroughness, the HRC will not vote to endorse at this time.


Committee Updates

  • CPRC
    • Allan mentioned the CPRC Meeting at the Q Center and the presentation from the Q Patrol.
    • Communications and Decision to Act  
      • Christine, Kyle, and Jeff Selby met to discuss the HRC communications process.
        • Jeff will take on duties of Communications Chair, but in a “ghost” presence (behind the scenes process). He cannot effectively be a spokesperson for both the OEHR and the HRC, since the two groups may not always support the same issues and messages.
        • Commissioners are empowered to prepare news releases, but they will go through Jeff to review (for format) and for dissemination.
        • An intern to help staff the HRC and its communications process is a possibility.
  • Ashley and Aimee introduced the Decision to Act Process Model (a working document) which will clarify what the HR Commissioners can do in regards to representing the HRC, etc.
    • Ashley, Aimee, Christine, Kyle, and Jeff will continue to develop the process.
    • Public Policy Committee
      • Ashley said a Public Policy Committee meeting is forthcoming.


  • Housing Rights Task Force
    • Moloy Good announced the demise of Oregon House Bill 2890 (Repeals provision that prevents local governments from imposing conditions on approved permits that effectively establish sales price for residential development or limit purchase to class or group of purchasers). There is no definitive explanation why it happened, only supposition.
    • Allan said HRTF was invited to a breakfast on 4/17/03 to recognize Fair Housing Month.


  • Human Trafficking Task Force
    • Kyle said the long term mapping project continues.
    • An annual HTTF report will be presented in July.
    • TIP Program is a county-level interviewing initiative that helps determine if an arrested person is a victim of trafficking.
    • There are no current training sessions in Salem for identifying trafficking victims. HTTF is working to secure funding for that training.
    • There is an attorney volunteer program through Immigration Counseling Service that uses matching funds from a grant process to assist potential trafficking victims.


  • JTTF Work Group
    • Aimee said the work group is still open for interested commissioners.


Public Comment

  • Courtney Shannon said that SB 560 includes Section 8 and anti-discrimination issues.



  • Food was provided by Sho Japanese Restaurant on SW Barbur Blvd.
  • Meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.