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Socially Responsible Investments Committee Charge

Council charges the committee with recommending corporate issuers for inclusion on, or removal from, the City's Corporate Securities Do-Not-Buy List in the City's direct investment in corporate securities, in accordance with the following Council-established social and values concerns as principles for consideration: 

  • Environmental concerns
  • Health concerns including weapons production
  • Concerns about abusive labor practices
  • Concerns about corrupt corporate ethics and governance
  • Concerns about extreme tax avoidance
  • Concerns about exercise of such a level of market dominance so as to disrupt normal competitive market forces
  • Concerns about impacts on human rights

In addition to recommending corporate issuers for inclusion on, or removal from, the City's Corporate Securities Do-Not-Buy List, the committee must:

  1. Meet at least twice a year, and
  2. Establish bylaws and govern accordingly including protocols for holding public meetings and receiving public comment, and
  3. Consult any reports and data procured by the City from a research firm specializing in providing company-specific information about business practices relevant to social- and values-based criteria, and
  4. Prioritize its review, starting with the corporate issuers eligible for the City's direct investment as identified by the City Treasurer, after which the committee may review other companies or industries that they reasonably anticipate may become eligible for the City's direct investment, and
  5. Consider and balance a company's practices as a whole, including the seriousness of concerns about any business practice and whether the company's practices involve more than one of the social and values principles established by City Council in this resolution or later amended by City Council, and
  6. Receive and consider an analysis of financial impact to the City's investment portfolio prepared by the City Treasurer before recommending that City Council add a company or industry to the Corporate Securities Do-Not-Buy List, and
  7. Forward a recommendation, which may include "no change," and explanatory report to City Council once per calendar year and no later than October 1.