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Direct Appointment Report FAQs

Direct Appointment Report FAQs

What is considered an “HR recruitment process”?
- Any recruitment process that generates a certified referral list from BHR.

Do I have to fill out the form even if I didn’t have any appointments outside of an HR recruitment process?
- Yes, please fill out the first two questions (Bureau and select “0” for the second question) on the form and then hit “Submit” at the bottom of the form. By filling out these fields you have confirmed that your bureau did not make any appointments outside of an HR recruitment process.

Who fills out this form?
- It is up to the bureau, but the hiring manager and Operating Bureau Personnel Administrator (OBPA) will likely have the information being requested in the form.

What’s an Operating Bureau Personnel Administrator (OBPA)?
- The OBPA is the bureau’s Personnel Administrator. The identified representatives for each bureau are listed here

What is the difference between “management” and “supervisor”?
- Both managers and supervisors are employees who supervise; managers typically have a broader range of responsibilities within their bureau.

When is the first report due?
- July 15th, 2016. The timeframe for appointment data in the first report will be January 1st, 2016-June 30th, 2016.

How often are the reports due?
- Semi-annually. They will be due July 15 (for the timeframe January 1st-June 30th prior to the due date) and January 15th (for the timeframe July 1st-December 31st prior to the due date).

If I’m an OBPA using this tool, how do I run a report of the TrackIT information I’ve entered?
- At the end of the reporting period, Jen Clodius will download the report into excel for your bureau.

Is there an SAP report that can be run to cross check the data I’ve entered into the TrackIT form?
- The SAP report S_L9C_94000095 - Headcount Changes can be used in reporting personnel and/or classification changes within a chosen reporting period. It can be used to help validate the TrackIT direct appointment reporting tool information. For instruction son how to run the report, click here.

Do I need to report on Casual or Seasonal appointments?
- No, they are exempt from this exercise.

If a manager has a permanently appointed employee temporarily appointed to a different position, does it require a report?
- No. However, if the employee in the temporary appointment is selected for the permanent appointment, then it would be required to be reported as a temporary-to-permanent appointment.

Would a promotional appointment using a deep classification process require a report?
- No.

If the position of a permanently appointed employee is reclassed, I temporarily appoint them to the newly reclassed position, then permanently hire them into the position after using an HR recruitment process, do I need to report this? 
- This would not need to be reported because there was a recruitment process and because the employee was a regular employee (not temporary). This would also not fall into the temporary-to-permanent category.

I have an employee who received a temporary appointment in December 2015 and was in this temporary assignment from January through June 2016. Do I report their data?
- No. The direct appointment reporting requirement went into effect January 1, 2016.

I have an employee who received a temporary appointment in November 2015 and it was scheduled to conclude in March 2016. I've extended the appointment through May. Do I report their data?
- No. An extension would not trigger the need to report. However, if this employee is temporarily appointed into a different position or is hired as a permanent employee during the reporting period, the bureau would need to report that appointment.

With regard to demographics, are we to mark employees only if the candidate has volunteered the information or if we observe the information but it was not volunteered?
- Council added gender identity and sexual orientation to the direct reporting requirement. We don't currently collect data in these areas. Gender identity could be answered based on visual observation. Information on sexual orientation would need to be volunteered or the hiring manager would indicate "no" - no, the employee did not volunteer information in this area.

Is the form required only for an initial temporary appointment, or is it also required for an extension to an existing temporary appointment?
- It would be only for the initial temporary appointment.

Do we need to submit a form for a Working Retiree?
- If there is no break in service, and a bureau is continuing someone in an existing position to complete some needed work, it would fall outside of the reporting requirement. However, there are other scenarios for hiring retirees that may fall under this requirement.

How would we gather information on whether the employee identified as a member of the LGBTQ community?
- If the employee volunteers this information in the interview process, the bureau would select "yes". If the employee does not volunteer this information, the bureau would select "no".

Do I have to report a hire made by way of Expanded Transfers?
- Expanded transfers are considered a form of HR recruitment if the person transferring is already a permanent employee. This does not need to be reported.

Do I need to report premium pay assignments? For example, in PF&R, do we need to report sworn, non-rep Deputy Chief and Division Chief promotions? Or, for Police, do we need to report when a Captain has been given a premium assignment of Commander, Deputy Chief, or Assistant Chief? Or do we need to report a premium pay assignment when a lead is designated?
- No. BHR views appointments and premium pay assignments as two separate actions. Demographic information is not required to be reported for premium pay assignments.

For Council offices, do I need to report when there's an increase in salary?
- With Council offices, if it's a salary adjustment but the employee stays in the same job classification, you do not need to report it. If you are appointing an employee into a new position without a recruitment, then you do need to report it.

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