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January 2018


 Portland Building Reconstruction project banner

Portland Building Progress Update

What’s happened to the Portland Building since we all moved out?

There was a ground breaking event held on December 4th, which officially kicked off construction on the building.  That same day, the keys to the building were officially handed over to contractor, Howard S. Wright, for the duration of construction.

Furnishings removal and deconstruction complete

Once employees moved out, everything left in the building had to be removed.  Not only furniture and cube walls, but doors, drinking fountains, carpet tiles, cabinetry, hand dryers, hanging lights, exit signs, etc.  The contractors managing this portion of the project specialize in deconstruction and furniture disposition, and understand the City’s priorities to reuse and recycle materials.  New homes were found for 80% of the furniture, 7.5% was recycled, and the remaining pieces had to go to landfills due to their condition.

Demolition is underway

Soft demolition is well underway. It began with ceiling tile and flooring removal on the upper floors; walls are being taken down as well. The basement has been completely cleared – locker rooms, stairs, elevator, and walls demolished. The concrete slab removal in the basement is nearly complete to allow the first of the structural upgrades to occur. The northeast stairwell has been removed to make way for the crane. Work will continue throughout the remaining floors.  Check out a few demolition photos here.

Exterior work in process

If you’ve been by the building recently, you may have noticed some changes.  Sidewalk closures have started and may shift a bit in the next few weeks as more external work begins.  There are plans for signage on the barricade in front of the building on the west side, but we have to wait for better weather before it can be installed (a few dry days and 40 degree temperatures). On the east side of the building, demolition is happening on the strip windows and column capital (those large angled portions near the top of the building).  The tile in this area will also be removed, as this is where the crane will be installed. 

We hope you will enjoy watching as the building transforms into our future workplace, and we will keep you updated on the progress. More to come!