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The City of Portland, Oregon

Office of Management & Finance

Trusted partner, creating smart solutions for the City and our community.

main: 503-823-5288

Revenue: 503-823-5157

1120 SW 5th Ave, Room 901, Portland, OR 97204


Requests for additions and suggestions for clarification are appreciated! Please email Jen Clodius.

AA                 asset accounting

AP                 Accounts Payable

AR                Accounts Receivable

BDS              Bureau of Development Services

BES              Bureau of Environmental Services

BHR              Bureau of Human Resources

BI                  Business Warehouse/Intelligence

BOBJ            Business Objects

BOEC           Bureau of Emergency Communications

BPS              Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

BRFS            Bureau of Revenue and Financial Services

BTS               Bureau of Technology Services

CAFR            Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

CAO              Chief Administrative Officer

CBO              City Budget Office

CFO              Chief Financial Officer

CHRO           Chief Human Resources Officer

CM                cash management

CMT              Change Management Team

CO/FM          Controlling and Funds Management

CTA               Central Time Administrator

CTO              Chief Technology Officer

DAM              Division of Asset Management

DCAO            Deputy Chief Administrative Officer

DOER            Diversity, Outreach, and Employment Resources

DPO               Distributed Purchase Order

EBS                Enterprise Business Solution

ESS                employee self service

EUT                end-user training

FA                   fixed assets

FAQ                Frequently Asked Questions

FDA                Final Depreciating Asset   

FILO               Finance and Logistics

FMLA             Family and Medical Leave Act

FPD&R           Fire & Police Disability & Retirement

GL                  General Ledger

GM                 grants management

GR/IR             goods receipt/invoice receipt

GUI                 graphical user interface

HCM               human capital management

HIPAA             Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HRBP             Human Resources Business Partner

HUCIRP         Homelessnes and Urban Camping Impact Reduction Program

ILT                  instructor-led training

I&R                 Information & Referral

IT                    Information Technology

JOHS              Joint Office of Homeless Services

LMS                learning management system

MM                 Materials Management      

MSS               manager self service

OBPA             Operating Bureau Personnel Administrator

OCM               Organizational Change Management

OCT                Office for Community Technology

OEHR             Office of Equity and Human Resources

OFLA              Oregon Family Leave Act

OGR               Office of Government Relations

OJT                 on-the-job training

OM                  Organizational Management

OMF               Office of Management & Finance

P/A                  Projects and Assets

PA                   Personnel Administration

PAFR              Popular Annual Financial Report

PBEM             Portland Bureau of Emergency Management

PBCOC          Portland Building Community Oversight Committee

PCI                 Payment Card Industry

P&D               Printing & Distribution

PERNR          Personnel Number

PF&R             Portland Fire & Rescue

PII                  Personally Identifiable Information

PIO                 Public Information Officer

PMO               project management office

PO                  Purchase Order

PPB                Portland Police Bureau

PPE                pay period ending | personal protective equipment

PP&R             Portland Parks & Recreation

PRR               Public Records Request

PS                  Project System

PSTATS         Personnel Status

PY                  Payroll

QRP               quality (RP)

RDO               regular day off

SAP               Systeme, Anwendungen, Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung  (Systems, Applications, and Products in data processing)

SME               subject-matter expert

SPOT             Special Projects and Opportunity Team

TBC               Technology Business Consultant

TESC             Technology Executive Steering Committee

TK                   timekeepers

TM                  Time Management

TOC               Technology Oversight Committee

UAT                User Acceptance Testing

UWL               Universal Work List

WBS               work breakdown structure

WIP                 work in progress