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The City of Portland, Oregon

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Building inclusive, safe and livable neighborhoods and communities.

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Disability Power PDX

Applications for our 2018 Disability Power PDX are now closed. You may review the information below to learn more about Disability Power PDX.

If you would like to receive information on opportunities to engage in Portland's disability communities and government efforts, please sign up for the Disability NEWS at and like our Facebook page.

You may also contact Joanne at or 503-823-9970 to discuss specific interests or ask questions.



Translated materials available

Our Disability Power PDX Materials are available in: Arabic عربي, Chinese 中文, Japanese 日本語, Laotian ລາວ, Russian Русский, Romanian Română, Somali Soomaali, Spanish Español, Ukrainian Україньска, and Vietnamese Tiếng Việt. Find them at Translated Disability Power PDX Materials or by clicking Translated Disability Power PDX materials on the left side of this page.


Spring 2018 Information


Applications for our 2018 Disability Power PDX were due Monday, December 4th.


Banner with pics of people with disabilities


Disability Power PDX Spring 2018 Information 


Thank you for your interest in Disability Power PDX!

Do you have questions or need accommodations (like interpretation or information in another format) to complete your application? Call Joanne at 503-823-9970 or email


What members will do in Disability Power PDX

Disability Power PDX offers training, skill building, and practical experience for people with disabilities who want to affect public policy and become more engaged in Portland communities.

Members of Disability Power PDX will participate in a series of workshops, individual learning opportunities, and meetings with local organizations to increase their knowledge of local engagement opportunities and ability to effectively engage in Portland civic life. Members will learn about disability identity and culture, accessing community resources, and navigating local and national government.


How Disability Power PDX staff will choose members

This is Portland’s only disability-centered opportunity focused on Portland’s civic and community engagement! Any skill or experience level is welcome.

We are looking for people with disabilities from all backgrounds with diverse experiences. Disability Power PDX is perfect for people who want to contribute to and stay engaged in local government and Portland’s many communities. Members will be selected based on:

1)    desire to deepen and sustain engagement in groups and communities

2)    commitment to building cross-disability relationships

3)    experience within and across diverse communities and identities

4)    desire to use what they learn to create change in government and communities


If you are someone who…

  • loves working with groups of people
  • celebrates differences and loves to learn
  • cares deeply about local government, community organizations, arts, or culture
  • wants to create positive change in your communities

Disability Power PDX might be for you!


Disability Power PDX values

The City of Portland’s Disability Program is committed to Disability Power PDX being accessible, equitable, and actively anti-racist. As part of living these committments, during Disability Power PDX, we will practice lifting up the voices and experiences of historically underrepresented individuals and communities. We will practice challenging oppressive remarks and behaviors. We will practice accessibility and accommodation as part of our way of being in space and with each other.


Stipends, food, childcare, and transportation

To support equitable participation, each Disability Power PDX Member will receive a stipend to recognize their time and contribution to the City of Portland, and all sessions will include lunch. Childcare and transportation support will be provided upon request.


Required dates

Members of Disability Power PDX must commit to participating in all of the following sessions and activities:  

Thursday, February 15th   4PM-6PM     DP2 Kickoff

Saturday, Feburary 24th  10AM-3PM    Session 1

Saturday, March 10th       10AM-3PM    Session 2

Saturday, March 24th        10AM-3PM    Session 3

Saturday, April 7th           10AM-3PM    Session 4

Saturday, April 21st         10AM-3PM    Session 5

Saturday, April 28th         12PM-3PM    Graduation

Wednesday, June 20th    10AM-11AM  Presentation to City Council


To apply

After carefully reviewing the Disability Power PDX Spring 2018 Information (this document), please complete the Spring 2018 application. You can find the application in Text, PDF, and Word formats on the left hand side of this page.

Please note that you may complete our application in writing or by recording yourself responding to the application questions on audio or video. Please see the application for detailed instructions.

Save the application before filling it in!

If you are mailing or emailing your application, please be sure to save the document to your computer before filling it in. Applications cannot be completed online.


We are working on getting our Disability Power PDX information and application materials translated into: Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Japanese, Lao, Romanian, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. If you would like to be notified when these materials are available, or would like to request materials in another language, please contact Joanne at 503-823-9970.

Screen reader users

We regret that the fillable PDF version of the application is not yet accessible to screen readers. If you use a screen reader, please use the Text Only or Word versions of the application, submit a video or audio response, or contact Joanne to complete your application over the phone or request another accommodation.