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Neighborhood Involvement

Building inclusive, safe and livable neighborhoods and communities.

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Portland United Against Hate

The City of Portland is issuing $350,000 in grants to help stand up against hate and create a more welcoming community for all of Portlanders. 

For more information about the grant visit the Office of Management and Finance, Special Appropriations grant page as listed:

City of Portland Special Appropriations - Portland United Against Hate Competitive Grants



Portland United Against Hate is a community initiated partnership of Community Based Organizations, Neighborhood Associations, concerned communities and the City, working with the Office of Neighborhood Involvement to build a rapid response system that combines reporting and tracking of hateful acts and providing the support and protection our communities need in this uncertain era.

The City of Portland, in taking an active role to support the work of this collaborative effort set aside $350,000 for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

Below are the various funding opportunities available.  Please view the ADDENDUM and funding application for full scope of work expected.


Grant Funding Opportunities

There are two grant funding opportunities: Capacity Building; and Data Collection & Analysis. An applicant can apply for either or both opportunities:

1. Opportunity: Capacity Building. The Capacity Building opportunity has two core components. An applicant can apply for either component or both components:

  • Outreach, community organizing, point of contact, reporting, and response – Build staffing and volunteer capacity within the applicant organization(s)  to effectively serve as trusted and accessible first points of contact for community members who have experienced a hate incident, provide shared resources and referrals to appropriate services and agencies, and, respond to such incidents with community-specific and culturally appropriate strategies.
  • Training – Provide training for organizational staff, volunteers, and community members to broaden awareness and understanding for how to resist and be resilient for the long-term struggle including skills to know your rights, understanding the history of hate and having an analysis of how hate affects our communities, how to be an ally and disrupt prejudice and hate activity, and how to report a hate incident.

2. Opportunity: Data Collection & Analysis. Develop a data platform for gathering, tracking, sharing and analyzing local hate activity, and resource community organizations to collect and enter incident information into this common tracking system. Data analysis will be used to refine the program, inform potential policy changes, as well as support similar efforts in other cities, statewide, and/or nationally.


Other actions you can take to stand up against hate:


What is Portland United Against Hate - Joint Statement

Portland United Against Hate is a community initiated partnership of Community Based Organizations, Neighborhood Associations, concerned communities and the City. Together, we are building a rapid response system that combines reporting and tracking of hateful acts and providing the support and protection our communities need in this uncertain era. We seek to combine our resources, assets and relationships to create an inclusive city that protects, embraces, and celebrates its diverse communities.

We hear the outcry of our communities. In recent months, many community organizations report increasing incidents of hate crimes and intimidation, including bullying and violence stemming from racism, xenophobia, religious bigotry, islamophobia, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, stigma, and misogyny. This affects every area of our lives, including our workplaces, schools, places of worship, healthcare facilities, the marketplace, and more. We reject this hateful behavior.

We are tackling this toxic environment head on. Our partnership is bound by these common values: we oppose a registry of people based on their faith, culture, ethnicity, and documentation status. We know Black Lives Matter. We will continue advocating reform of our police department and building trust between police and communities of color so everybody feels safe in our neighborhoods. We support Portland’s evolution as an Inclusive City, regardless of the threats made by the Trump administration.

We have come together. This community initiated partnership is combining forces with the Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI), whose charge is to connect and support all Portlanders to work collaboratively with government to build inclusive, safe, and livable neighborhoods and communities.  Community organizations look to ONI to collaborate in creating a robust response to the negative forces that undermine our city and community.

Our bold and intentional collaborative efforts are designed to protect communities from hate and proactively, create a strong base of support, provide the tools and resources to combat oppression, prosper economically and thrive collectively.

Everyone and every community deserves a safe, prosperous, and peaceful life, a life free from hate and harassment. We recognize and honor our collective resilience and our right to nurture our communities from a place of compassion, security, and belonging.

“With divisiveness and hatred becoming the norm at the national level, and here on the Best Coast, we must find ways to support our neighbors.  I sincerely appreciate this statement of community values, being generated by the people, for the people.  We believe in dignity and respect for all.  That is the Portland way.” Commissioner Amanda Fritz

We invite you to join us. Need help? Please reach out to the organizations below. Someone there will listen to what happened, and help you find a solution. Want to be involved? YOU can volunteer, lend your financial support, get trained on how to combat hate, and come together for community events. YOU can speak up when you hear or see hateful, harassing or intimidating acts. YOU can be part of creating a truly welcoming community. Together, we can all unite against hate.


Portland United Against Hate

Partners as of July 12, 2017

Portland United Against Hate joint statement

Community initiated partnership of community organizations of color, neighborhood groups, and the City of Portland building a rapid response network that combines reporting and tracking of hate acts and provides support our communities need at this time.

Feb. 14, 2017 Showing Up for Love on Valentines - Portland United Against Hate

Information about vigil and public announcement regarding Portland United Against Hate coalition, Tues. Feb. 14, 5:30 PM, Da Vinci Middle School