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How to Make an ADA Complaint



There are multiple options for making
an official complaint depending
on which ADA Title is being violated.

The ADA Overview: The ADA is a Civil Rights law that has seven primary areas. The three that are most important to knowing your rights are ADA Titles I, II and III


Title I:  pertains to employment discrimination

Title II: pertains to public entities that receive government funding

Title III: pertains to private entities like businesses, non-public housing and private events.


Step One:

Know your rights. 

If you are a person with a disability or, have a loved one with a disability, the best tool you have against ADA violations is knowledge.  The ADA covers all area’s of our daily lives though little of the general public is informed about how it works.  Understanding the law and being able to direct folks regarding it can be a very helpful way to end discrimination.  Unless you are dealing with the US Department of Justice do not assume folks are informed about the law.

Some helpful websites:

United Spinal Cord Association -
Understanding the ADA publication

US Department of Justice


If you are unsure if what is happening to you is a civil rights violation of the ADA you can call the following hotlines for technical assistance:

ADA – Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center


Step Two:

Contact the business or organization’s management. 

As stated earlier many people while familiar with the term ADA are not well educated on the law.  Often talking to a superior or management personnel about how you feel your rights were violated will help resolve the issue.  Being able to direct them to the portion of the law that you feel is relevant to the situation may save you from having to file an official complaint.

Step Three:

Filing an official complaint

In Oregon you have several places you can and should file a complaint if the above step is ineffective.


Bureau of Labor and Industry: 971-673-0761

Online Complaint Form: 

Oregon Department of Justice: 1-877-877-9392

Online Complaint Form:


It is also recommended you file a complaint with the Federal Department of Justice: 1-800-514-0301 ex 7

Online Form :

You can mail your complaint at the address found above of email it to