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Parking Placards


The City is thinking of reducing the time for free use of placard in metered spot to four would this effect your parking accommodation?


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David Williams

April 5, 2012 at 10:45 AM

Yes it would be difficult to have only four hour time limit.For example often many of the disabled parking slots are often filled on the streets and in the parking garages. Second often I have to walk several blocks after I have have found a parking space. I also have to deal with chornic pain, as you can imagine it causes more pain having to navigate through the streets to arrive to any destination. Finally I am on a fixed income any fine would add a greater burden to an already challenged income.


Teresa Boze

June 28, 2012 at 9:52 AM

If you are in a parking space without a plackard, able bodied persons get up and run out to put money in the meter and run right back. But for those with a plackard, the disability is always something that must be accommodated. For those who require attendants to transport and assist them - such as minors or adults who are dependent on caregivers to be at hand - this is so much more so. For a profoundly disabled individual and attendant downtown, this would mean uprooting any business at hand, negotiating halls, elevators, shoppers, sidewalks, traffic flows, and curbs with one person on foot and the other often strapped into a reclined wheelchair. And then a trip back to the business of event they left. This is an undue burden.

People seem to forget that parking for the disabled in not a "perk" of being disabled. there is no perk to being disabled in an able-architected world. I have had City parking officers tell me it is a privilege, not a right. yeah, it's a real privilege to deal with the medical issues, the threat to health and lifespan, employment and education opportunities, travel and social barriers. try it sometime. For a lifetime.

Parking placards are a reasonable accommodation in an attempt to create equity in a situation competitive for a resource;it is to help adjust for access on a playing field that can never be truly equitable. That's why it is called a disability.

Plackards are not a reserve of spaces for the able-bodied public to tap when parking gets congested in downtown. Typically, when resources get scare, the first to loose access or have resources and funding reduced or cut are the disempowered - the poor, the racial and gender minorities, children, the disabled.


Luciana Baker

June 9, 2013 at 8:33 PM

Please join my campaign to Change Erisa, the federal legislation that promotes unfair disability claim denials.

Thank you,
Luciana Baker


lawrence black

July 16, 2013 at 3:13 PM

One of the problems is there are many who use the Placards who are not disabled. People borrowing or using cards that are not theirs to beat having to pay. We should have a way to verify if the card user is truly disabled. As I believe from from what I have seen that there are many fradulent users. there should not be a change in time limits until we truly identify the real problem.

thank you,

lawrence black

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