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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Parks & Recreation

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Phone: 503-823-7529

1120 SW Fifth Avenue, Portland, OR 97204

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Athletic Fields and Permits

Portland Parks & Recreation maintains a variety of sports fields - soccer, football, baseball, and softball - throughout the city. PP&R also issues permits for Portland Public School District fields. Applications for field permits are processed and issued continually throughout the year. Call the Customer Service Center at 503-823-2525 for more info.

Athletic Field Conditions

UPDATED MAY 18th, 2018


These instructions are for Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) baseball/softball fields and grass athletic fields (for soccer, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, etc.)  All synthetic fields remain open for use.

BASEBALL/SOFTBALL FIELDS: OPEN for normal use. Games and practices may be held as usual on all fields, if on-site conditions are satisfactory.

GRASS FIELDS for soccer, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, etc.): OPEN for normal use - games and practices are ok on fields where conditions are satisfactory.

About playing conditions: please remember that safety is the most important priority. We know it can be hard for players and coaches to have to call off a game or practice due to field conditions. BUT if your field is visibly soaked, muddy, and/or you sink down an inch or so when standing on the grass, you're required to postpone your game until conditions are favorable. Otherwise, you risk injury to yourself and other players - and it creates ruts and lousy conditions on the fields for the rest of the busy playing season ahead! The conditions of fields will vary across the city and may change. Please use your best judgement when arriving at park fields for scheduled games. These protocols are in effect from now (Tuesday, April 17, 2018) until the weather dictates that we need to again reevaluate field status.

For Portland Metro Adult Softball League, you may also go to Portland Metro Softball Association for information on softball rain-outs.

Athletic Fields
Shawn Lindsey Parks Athletic Field   Maintenance Supervisor 503-823-1621
Chad Hoyt Delta Park Lead 503-823-3130
FAX   503-823-9297
Karen Aker Sports Management Supervisor 503-823-5125
Ron Boley Delta Complex Manager 503-823-3112
Angie Pickron Office Adinistration Assistant 503-823-1656
Jennifer Rounseville Sports Recreation Coordinator 503-823-5124
Blaine Rethmeier Sports Recreation Coordinator 503-823-5126
FAX 503-823-1655

Athletic Field Permit Fees

PP&R recognizes its responsibility to provide athletic field facilities for use by a variety of sports at many levels of competition. PP&R subsidizes use of city athletic fields to provide lower cost access to its residents. Portland City Council policy calls for a tiered subsidy for city residents based on need, and full cost recovery for other groups. To that end, additional fees will be included on the following specific athletic field uses: commercial, non-resident, and secondary season use.

The number of sport leagues requesting use of Portland athletic fields has increased exponentially in the past ten years. Primary and Secondary Season designations allow PP&R to focus on sports during their primary season by helping to manage overall costs. Secondary season fees have been added to assist in recovering the costs of maintaining fields beyond primary season play.

If you have questions regarding these fees and how they may affect you, your league or sport, please use this online comment form.

Athletic Field Conditions

Athletic Field Guidelines and Permit Fees 2018

Download (PDF Document, 262kb)

Athletic Field Rental Application

Download (Word Document, 320kb)

Athletic Facility Allocation Guidelines

Download (PDF Document, 71kb)

Seasonal Field Conversion Schedule

PP&R maintains more than 300 athletic fields and courts. The majority of these fields are converted from one sport to another seasonally. The field conversion dates are Fall/August 15, and Spring/March 1. This means that goal posts and field lining for the recognized in-season sport will be put in place. Since these fields are heavily used, it is important that users help protect this resource. Please do your part by respecting permitted use and staying off the fields when they are too wet; this will ensure player safety and avoid damage to the fields.

Lacrosse (Primary)
Football (Primary)
August 16-November
Basketball (Primary)
Rugby - Youth (Primary)
Rugby - Adult (Primary)
Soccer - Youth (Primary)
(artificial turf)
Baseball - Youth (Primary)
Soccer - Youth/Adult (Primary)
August 16-November
Softball - Youth (Primary)
 Cross Country (Primary)
Soccer - Youth (Secondary)
Ultimate Frisbee (Primary)
Softball - Adult (Primary)
April-August 15
Baseball - Adult (Primary)
April-August 15

When submitting a field request, please include the following information:

  • League name/sport type
  • Indicate if the field request is for Youth/Adult, practice, or games
  • Field(s) requested
  • Day(s) and time - example: M/W/F, 6:00-8:00 PM
  • Start date/end date - example: August 15-November 25
  • Current contact information: name, address, zip code, home/work/cell/fax numbers, and email address.

In addition to the primary sport season, PP&R issues permits based on the following priorities:

  • Programs sponsored by Portland Parks & Recreation
  • Games and practices sponsored by Portland Public Schools
  • Other reciprocating youth agencies
  • Additional users based on field availability

Portable Restroom Opt-Out Form

Download (PDF Document, 60kb)