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Jessie Bond, Partnership & Development Coordinator


Adopt-A-Bench Team,

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Last Update - July 1, 2018


The Adopt-A-Bench Program is an opportunity to share a meaningful space while enhancing our parks for the enjoyment of all.

Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) has built over 2,000 park benches, and since the 1980s, more than 250 of these benches have been adopted and maintained by community members like you—providing a place to sit, reflect, celebrate, and remember.


Interested in adopting a bench to celebrate a joyous occasion, remember a loved one, or help maintain Portland's park legacy? Please read below and learn more about our Adopt-A-Bench Program process.

Depending on the time of year as well as the location of the desired bench, this process can take up to 13 months.

If you are remembering a loved one who has recently passed away, we recommend you wait a year before beginning this year-long process. 






Submit an Interest Form
Determine budget and select 3 choices (existing benches or bench locations).

Determined by You


Confirm Bench Adoption Selection - Bench to Refurbish or Location to Install
Work with PP&R staff to determine best selection.

Up to 3 Months (for site visits by PP&R staff)


Make Your Bench Adoption Contribution
Personal checks are preferred. Debit/credit cards are also accepted.

Up to 2 Months (for mail delivery and processing)


Order Your Personalized Bronze Plaque
Bronze plaques are an additional and separate cost to you and can be ordered through a vendor of your choice. Specifications are required for installation.

Up to 2 Months (for production)


Confirm Project Completion with PP&R Staff
Receive a photo confirmation of bench refurbishment or installation (with personalized plaque).

1 - 4 Months (dependent on weather conditions and staff capacity)



8 - 13 MONTHS


Please read the information below before completing your submission to start the Program process. 

Determine Your Bench Adoption Budget

There are two types of contribution levels in our Adopt-A-Bench Program. We invite donors to contribute to do the following:

$ 3, 000 Refurbish an existing bench
$ 5, 000 Install a new bench

What does a contribution cover?

    • Cost of all bench materials for initial refurbishment or new installation (excluding personalized bronze plaque provided by you)
    • Labor costs for installation of donor-provided personalized bronze plaque as well as the refurbishment of an existing bench or installation of a new bench
    • Basic bench maintenance costs up to 10 years of bench life

Bench and labor costs are variable and subject to change based on market price for labor and bench materials. These costs will be reviewed and adjusted accordingly at the beginning of each fiscal year (July).

Longevity of Adoption

A bench adoption contribution covers the price of all bench materials, labor costs for refurbishment or installation, and basic bench maintenance for up to 10 years.

After the ten-year adoption anniversary, the bench will be available for re-adoption. We will make an attempt to contact you at that time.

Please keep us informed of your re-adoption plans. If you choose not to re-adopt, we reserve the right to steward a new donor and add one additional personalized plaque at the site. Your personalized plaque can either be returned to you or remain at the site. Only two plaques can be placed in recognition of two different adoptions for any one bench.

PP&R reserves the right to relocate, permanently move, or replace a bench and personalized plaque due to capital construction, landscape redesign, or other extenuating circumstances. If relocation or permanent removal of the bench occurs during the ten-year adoption period, PP&R staff will work with you to find a comparable bench and location. Your personalized plaque will be re-installed at this new location, and no additional contribution is necessary until re-adoption.

PP&R cannot guarantee a replacement of the bench or associated personalized plaque if your ten-year adoption period expires.

Bench Style

You cannot design or choose the style bench to be installed or have an external vendor supply a bench. If a new bench is being installed, it will replicate the existing style of the other benches at the site.

PP&R does not have a standard bench used throughout the city. Bench design is determined based on a site’s aesthetics. Many benches are built with wooden panels which allow for easier, ongoing maintenance by PP&R staff. A few parks have more ornate benches or modern-style benches.

Include a Personalized Plaque at an Additional Cost

You may purchase and include a personalize bronze plaque with your bench adoption which will be installed by PP&R staff within the concrete at the base and to the side of the bench.

Plaques are an additional and separate cost to you and can be ordered through a vendor of your choice. PP&R cannot recommend a specific vendor, and the cost will vary. The market price for bronze plaques (to PP&R specifications) range from $175 to $300.

More details on plaque ordering and specifications will be provided further along in the process.

Select a Bench to Adopt

Do you have a park in mind? To view benches at a specific park location, please use our interactive bench inventory map by clicking the link below.

  • CLICK HERE to access our Adopt-A-Bench Program Inventory Map.

*For best results, view map using Firefox or Google Chrome.


The map includes benches, plotted in either red or green dots. The green dots on the map indicate a bench may be available for adoption upon confirmation by PP&R staff.

Use the search circle at the top right-hand corner of the map to narrow your search.

Once you zoom into the park site, explore the benches marked by green dots. Click on the dot to pull up a pop-up window with more information. You will see an “Attachments” section in the window where you can click to view photos of the bench.

As you explore the map, make note of the Bench ID Number

Please select up to three benches or bench locations that you would be interested in adopting (we suggest selecting more than one in case your first choice is unavailable).

With over 2,000 benches in our park system, we encourage donors to consider adopting an already existing bench for refurbishment before considering a new bench installation. Benches will vary depending on park aesthetics.

Programmatic Excluded Sites

You may notice your desired site does not have any available benches for adoption and is not accepting new bench installations.

The following sites are currently unavailable for adoption and new installation:

  • All Natural Area Sites (including Forest Park)
  • Developed Park Sites:
Council Crest Park
Gabriel Park
Hoyt Arboretum
Laurelhurst Park
Mt Tabor Park
Washington Park (including the International Rose Test Garden)

Other parks may reach capacity at any time.

Ready to begin the Adopt-A-Bench process?

Start by filling out our Interest Form (click here).

If you have any questions or need assistance filling out the Interest Form, please contact our Partnership & Development Coordinator, Jessie Bond, at (503) 823-4131 or

Thank you so much for your interest in the supporting Portland’s parks by adopting a park bench!



Click here for more information about the City of Portland's Adopt-A-Bench Program Policy.