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Learning Landscapes

  • City Tree Inspector helps plant trees at an event

  • New school plantings

  • Students from Jefferson High School plant trees

Learning Landscapes provide an active learning opportunity for youth of all ages!

The Learning Landscapes program empowers students to plant trees at their schools with the assistance of Urban Forestry staff and volunteers. The school yard trees are identified and mapped so that students and community members can learn about different species of trees from the convenience of their own neighborhood. Developing a school arboretum will give students a hands-on learning experience that continues to grow along with the trees. In addition to the environmental and aesthetic benefits of trees, students will have opportunities to learn about:

  • Tree biology
  • Tree identification
  • Native trees
  • Watershed ecology
  • Climate change
  • Geography
  • and more!

Students will connect to their school and community by working together to improve their school grounds. In addition to watering and mulching, students will also be able to participate in ongoing projects. For example, measuring tree growth rates can help to determine which trees do best in Portland's climate. Students can also design maps and signs for the trees, helping the neighborhood learn more about the arboretum.

To learn more about creating a Learning Landscape at your school, please contact Molly Wilson at or at 503-823-4963.

2016-2017 Learning Landscapes Report

Read about the goals and history of the Learning Landscapes program, and review the Fall 2016 to Spring 2017 planting statistics.

About Learning Landscapes

Urban Forestry and Portland area schools are working together to help students plant trees at schools.

Guidelines for a Successful School Tree Planting

We want Portland's youth to feel proud of their tree planting efforts! For a new tree to thrive, careful consideration of the site is important. Our guidelines will help to determine the information you include on the School Tree Planting Application.

School Tree Planting Application

Let us know about your interest in a school tree planting project here! Spring planting projects are March 1st to April 30th & applications are due by December 15th. Fall planting projects are October 1st to November 30th & applications are due July 15th.