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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Parks & Recreation

Healthy Parks, Healthy Portland

Phone: 503-823-7529

1120 SW Fifth Avenue, Portland, OR 97204

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Integrated Pest Management

On March 2, 1988, Portland City Council passed a resolution that directed Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) to “adopt and begin implementation of a grounds maintenance policy embodying the principles of Integrated Pest Management. The mission of the PP&R Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program is to manage pests that are harmful to the health, function or aesthetic value of park landscapes in an efficient, effective, and environmentally responsible manner, while paying careful attention to public and employee safety. To accomplish this, the principles of Integrated Pest Management are utilized. This progressive and sustainable approach uses multi-faceted strategies that minimize economic, health, and environmental risks.

Protecting our assets

Portland Parks & Recreation is part of the City of Portland and stewards of more than 11,500 acres of land at over 250 locations including regional, community and neighborhood parks, natural areas, recreational facilities, special gardens, and trails. These parks contain over 2.2 million square feet of developed shrub beds, six botanic gardens including three specialty rose gardens containing 20,000 roses, 1,360 acres of turf with 365 athletic fields, five 18-hole golf courses, and over 7,000 acres of natural areas. These parks also offers a wide array of recreation and enrichment opportunities for people of all ages. Portland Parks & Recreation is charged with maintaining these diverse park landscapes in a safe, attractive, healthy, and useful condition. Park properties represent a major component of the city’s capital assets and PP&R recognizes its responsibility to protect and preserve this economic investment to the best of its abilities. PP&R also recognizes its responsibilities to its employees, park users, and the general public, and seeks to employ the highest professional standards. To best manage pests in park lands, PP&R personnel utilize the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).