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Jill Hutchinson, Project Manager


Maija Spencer, Public Involvement Coordinator


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Matt Dishman Community Center, Pool, and Spa

  • New mechanical systems for pool and spa

  • New spa at Matt Dishman Community Center

  • Spa was replaced with a larger capacity spa

  • Spa mechanical systems were also replaced

  • Matt Dishman Indoor Pool


The Parks Replacement Bond-funded electrical systems project is completed. Roof replacement work will begin in summer 2020. 


Phase 1 - Matt Dishman Indoor Pool and Spa

Matt Dishman Indoor Pool and Spa received major repairs and renovation thanks to the Parks Replacement Bond. Due to a small part of this project (spa expansion) being eligible for System Development Charge (SDC) funding, the Parks SDC Fund contributed $10,000. 

The project included resurfacing the pool, which addressed hollow locations behind the plaster and cracks in the sub-surface of the pool floor. 

It also completely replaced the spa (which was leaking 1,000 gallons of water per day) with a larger capacity spa that can hold up to 20 users. The spa’s mechanical systems including piping, filters, chemical controllers, and chlorine systems have been replaced, and a new ultra-violet filtering system has been added. The three existing fiberglass sand filters for the pool have also been replaced with one high-efficiency filter.  

Work was completed in October 2016. 

Phase 2 - Matt Dishman Community Center Electrical Systems 

Built in 1940, the community center’s electrical system is outdated and undersized. This project will replace components of the electrical system that are more than 40 years old. Improvements will increase safety and reliability of the electrical system. Construction is planned for spring 2019 - summer 2019. 

Planned improvements include: 

  • Replace main distribution panel in janitor’s closet including associated bussing, wires, and conductors.
  • Move electrical panel from gym into hallway outside gym. 
  • Install light switches in gym so metal halide lights can be turned off without using the breakers.
  • Relocate existing punching bag in boxing room to provide clear space around electrical panel.

The electrical project will require temporary maintenance closures at Matt Dishman Community Center in March 2019.

Here is the schedule for temporary maintenance closures:

  • March 12 - 13, 2019: Auditorium 
  • March 14 - 15, 2019: Gym
  • March 18 - 22, 2019: Full facility closure, including pool 

Phase 3 - Matt Dishman Community Center Roof Replacement 

Several areas of the Matt Dishman Community Center roof have been identified as being in poor condition, and there is evidence of water damage within the building from these areas. This project will investigate and repair the roof. This work is not expected to impact daily activities at the community center, but visitors may notice noise, odors, and other construction impacts. 

Roof replacement is planned for summer 2020. 

Project Manager for Pool, Spa, and Roof:
Jill Hutchinson,, (971) 940-5733

Project Manager for Electrical Work 
Marlo Medellin,, (971) 940-5739

Public Involvement Coordinator
Maija Spencer,, (503) 823-5593


Phase 1 - Pool and Spa - COMPLETED

  • Fall 2015 - Winter 2015/16: Design Development
  • Winter 2015/16 - Spring 2016: Construction Documents
  • Spring 2016 - Summer 2016: Permitting and Bidding
  • Summer 2016 - Mid-October 2016: Construction / Pool Closure
  • Mid-October 2016: Pool and spa reopened

Phase 2 - Electrical Work - COMPLETED 

  • Winter 2016/18 - Summer 2018: Project Set-up / Design Development 
  • Summer 2018 - Fall 2018: Construction Documents
  • Fall 2018 - Spring 2019: Permitting and Bidding
  • March 2019 - Summer 2019: Construction 

Phase 3 - Roof Work

  • Fall 2018 - Winter 2018/19: Project Set-up / Design Development 
  • Winter 2018/19 - Spring 2019: Construction Documents
  • Spring 2019 - Spring 2020: Permitting and Bidding
  • Summer 2020: Construction