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Maija Spencer, Bond Community Engagement


Evan Callahan, Project Manager


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Citywide Play Piece Replacements and Drainage Repairs

  • New toddler play piece at Wilshire Park

  • Over 270 boards were replaced on Piccolo Park's play equipment

  • New play structure at Argay Park in outer NE Portland

  • Albert Kelly Park's new play structure in SW Portland

  • New teeter totters at Laurelhurst Park

  • New chin-up bars at North Portland's University Park

  • New xylophone at Bloomington Park in the Lents neighborhood

  • Irving Park's new decking and slide in NE Portland

  • Swings have been removed at many parks due to lead paint.

  • During Portland's rainy winters, many playgrounds experience drainage issues.

Last Update - March 9, 2020

We apologize for the delay in installation of the new whirls at Berkeley, Flavel, Hancock, Sewallcrest, and Woodstock Parks. We have had a manufacturer delay and other obstacles arise, so the equipment was not available as expected and installation could not proceed. We currently anticipate whirl installation to begin in mid-March and be completed by early April 2020.

Installation of new play equipment or repairs of play equipment is complete at 14 playgrounds. 

Work starting this summer includes installation of whirls at five parks, drainage repairs at 11 playgrounds, and repair of pathways near 12 playgrounds. Schedule information for work will be posted below, as detailed schedules are known. Please note: construction schedules may be impacted by weather, suppliers, or other unexpected conditions. We will update the schedules below as we get better information. 

Project Overview

Thanks to funding from the Parks Replacement Bond, new play pieces will be installed at 19 playgrounds, and drainage repairs will be made at 11 playgrounds. In recent years, many play pieces have been removed from parks due to lead paint and other safety concerns. Read more about the Lead Paint Control Program here. Some sites will also receive ADA access improvements. We will provide schedules for installation as they are available.

Play Piece Replacement Locations 

Summer 2018 through Spring 2020 - note: whirl installation schedule is TBD due to delays in equipment shipments. 
Park Name
Play Piece Status
Albert Kelly Park  Play structure with slide Completed
Argay Park
Play structure with slide Completed
Berkeley Park  Whirl Install by April 2020
Bloomington Park  Musical play piece (xylophone) Completed
Colonel Summers Park  Horizontal ladder Completed
Flavel Park  Whirl Install by April 2020
Fulton Park
Swings Completed
Hancock Park  Whirl Install by April 2020
Irving Park  New slide and decking repairs on existing play structure Completed
Knott Park   Wood repairs on existing play structure Completed
Laurelhurst Park  Teeter totter Completed
Mt. Tabor Park 
Horizontal ladder Completed
Piccolo Park 
Wood repairs on existing play structures Completed
Sewallcrest Park  Whirl Install by April 2020
University Park 
Chin-up bar Completed
Washington Park 
Swings Completed
Wilkes Park Talk tubes and a bobble spring toy Completed
Wilshire Park Play structure for tot area Completed
Woodstock Park  Whirl April 2020

The below 11 playgrounds will receive drainage repairs and installation of new wood chips in Summer 2019 - Winter 2019/20. This will require the playground area at each park to be closed for use for 3-5 weeks. A schedule for this work will be posted once available. Work at Peninsula and Woodlawn Parks is planned to begin in Fall 2019 to avoid conflict with the Free Summer Lunch + Play program at these sites. 

Drainage Repair Locations

Summer 2019 through Winter 2019/20
Burlingame Park 
Clinton Park  COMPLETED
Harney Park  COMPLETED
Irving Park  COMPLETED
Patton Square Park  COMPLETED
Peninsula Park  COMPLETED
Portsmouth Park COMPLETED
South Park Blocks COMPLETED
Sunnyside School Park COMPLETED
Woodlawn Park  COMPLETED

Pathway improvements will be made at the below 11 parks in Summer 2019 - Winter 2019/20 to improve accessibility. The path being repaired will be closed during these repairs, but other parts of the park and play area should remain open during construction. Schedule information will be posted once available.

Pathway Repair Locations

Summer 2019 through Winter 2019/20
Burlingame Park - 195 sq ft of paving from play area to SW Falcon Street - COMPLETED Peninsula Park - 600 sq ft of parking to improve access to play area from N Albina Avenue and between picnic area/restroom and the swing and teeter section of play area - COMPLETED
Clinton Park - 240 sq ft of paving from play area to SE Woodward Street - COMPLETED Pier Park -  3,000 sq ft of paving to improve access to play area from N James Street, re-orientation of play area access ramp to prevent flooding, and access to the nearby splash pad - COMPLETED
Fulton Park - Minor asphalt paving and installation of an access ramp to the play area - COMPLETED Sewallcrest Park - 140 sq ft of paving to improve access to play area and replacement whirl - COMPLETED
Irving Park - 350 sq ft of paving to improve access to play area from NE 9th Avenue - COMPLETED Sellwood Park - paving to improve access to restroom near Picnic Area C and the Kitchen Building, paving to improve access from the parking lot at SE 7th Avenue and SE Bidwell Street to the play area and restroom - COMPLETED
Knott Park - 3,700 sq ft of paving to improve access to play area from NE 117th Street parking lot - COMPLETED Woodstock Park - 300 sq ft of paving to improve access to restrooms and play area from SE 47th Avenue - COMPLETED
Laurelhurst Park - 200 sq ft of paving to improve access to play area from SW Oak Street - COMPLETED  

Public Involvement Coordinator
Maija Spencer,, 503-823-5593

Project Manager
Evan Callahan,, 503-823-5571

Project Timeline

  • Winter 2017/18 - Spring 2018: Design Development and ordering play equipment
  • Summer 2018 - Spring 2019: Installation of play equipment and repairs at 14 playgrounds
  • Summer 2019 - Spring 2020 Installation of whirls, drainage and ADA pathway repairs