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Commercial Space

Commercial space areaProject Summary
There is a need for commercial space for businesses at PIR that provide repair and supply services to the racing public and, to a lesser degree, spectators. In 2004, PIR obtained an approved Master Plan for the PIR property from the City of Portland and this plan gives it a blueprint for 10-year development and management of the site. It is important to note that 20,000 square feet of commercial buildings were included in the plan.

The small businesses that would likely occupy commercial space at PIR would be those that specialize in providing services to the owners of racing vehicles that currently use the track. These include historic cars, racecars, motorcycles, racing bicycles, and experimental electric vehicles. The types of businesses that would likely locate next to PIR will fill the racing niche with highly specialized equipment and services not otherwise readily available. The intent would be to allow the market to determine what would be most desirable and successful.  Currently, participants have to travel to suppliers and service providers throughout the metropolitan area and beyond, which is both wasteful and inconvenient. 

Undoubtedly, as discovered from the November 2005 survey of 517 PIR visitors that showed nearly a third of visitor spending was on automotive supplies and services, there is a large market to tap for entrepreneurs interested in catering to the needs of racing participants. Generally, one should anticipate small establishments, with fewer than ten employees each, that provide highly specialized goods and services would choose to locate at the PIR commercial development. In addition, one or two businesses serving the general public may also find the development attractive. Examples of potential businesses are:

  • Race car body fabrication shop
  • Historic car restoration shop
  • Racing preparation and support shop
  • A CNC and handmade parts machine shop
  • Composite work, painting, and car lettering services
  • Metal fabrication, design, and welding services
  • Tire and specialty car parts retailers
  • Racing bicycle, motorcycle, and electric car parts stores
  • Café or other quick service restaurant
  • Racing school office

Other commercial tracks around the country encourage the development of motorsports business clusters as a means to stimulate more interest in their facilities, improve the amenity value of their operations, and stimulate the local economy.