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Dance for Children
The Laurelhurst Dance program affords a variety of choices to introduce dance to children starting at age 1 & up. For the youngest ages, we have parent/child classes where adult involvement is essential to the class. The discovery of music, rhythm, and movement in a shared experience enhances the bond between parent and child. Toddlers can work on their balance and coordination with Gymnastics/Balancing Babes (age 1½-3), Tumble, Twirl, Turn & Twist (age 1½-3), Tiny Tumblers (age 2-5), or explore music and fantasy with Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance (age 2-5), Dancing Prince & Princesses (age 2-3) or Tunes & Tales (age 2-5).

Children age 3-5 benefit from an introduction to the dance curriculum with classes like Terrific Twirling 3s & 4s, Ballet, Jazz & Tap Fundamentals, and Tiny Hip Hoppers which explore several forms of movement such as tap, ballet, jazz or hip hop. Dance with Me! (age 4-6) offers the chance to try creative movement and imagination. Twisting Tadpoles or Head Over Heels Gymnastics (age 3-5) develops coordination and confidence. These classes ready each child for other areas of learning such as academics and sports.

A child may repeat our classes as new concepts and materials will continue to be introduced. Also, Pre-Ballet/Where Dreams Begin (age 3-5 or 4-5), Tiny Tappers or Tiny Hip Hoppers (age 4-6) may be added at this point.

We also offer classes in these dance forms for children age 6-10 who want to continue training as well as older beginning dancers. For those wanting to explore more than one type of activity, we have combination classes such as Ballet, Jazz & Tap Fundamentals for Older Kids. Each class and level explores new material and continues with exercises to establish the strengths and skills evident in posture, alignment, coordination, and initiative. At age 8, children are eligible to join the studio’s Youth Ballet Training Program.

Ballet Classes
Ballet is a lifelong, total body experience with the benefits of increased flexibility stamina, self-confidence, and stress reduction. We have both children and adult classes for all ages and abilities. Children can start with pre-ballet classes, move on to our Youth Ballet Training Program, and continue or begin as adults. Classes are taught on a professional grade, Marley-covered, wood-sprung floor, in a room with mirrors. A viewing gallery is available for observing classes. Payment plans are available. Enrollment is accepted throughout the term; fees will be pro-rated.

Youth Ballet Training Program
A year-round dance training opportunity emphasizing technique and increased endurance in a creative and supportive environment. It is open to all interested students with progressive classes for the beginning dancer through advanced and performing levels. The program is excellent for expanding self-discipline and confidence along with interest, knowledge, and interpretive skills in music. Dance training builds strength, flexibility, and coordination while increasing concentration and focus. Most students will enroll in the same class level for three terms before fully mastering the technique and skills necessary for advancement. Students who have previous ballet experience not at Laurelhurst Dance Studio should enroll in Ballet Basics to determine proper placement. Students new to ballet should also enroll in Ballet Basics.

Dance and Fitness for Adults
We offer adult classes in Ballet from beginning to master classes, as well as Ballroom Dance, Zumba, and Pilates. Many of these courses allow drop-ins if there is space. Call 503-823-3195 to check on availability.