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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Parks & Recreation

Healthy Parks, Healthy Portland

Phone: 503-823-7529

1120 SW Fifth Avenue, Portland, OR 97204

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Personal Training

Personal Trainers

Personal training gives you the opportunity to find real, achievable goals and to meet those goals in a safe and timely manner. Stop by SWCC or call us at 503-823-2840 to get started!

Fill out the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire. P.A.R.Q's help our trainers to design a workout plan fit to your specific needs. Fill one out now and book your appointment to get started on reaching your fitness goals!

Personal Program Orientation
We strongly recommend this program to everyone planning to use the Fitness Center. A fitness specialist will show you how to use all of the cardio equipment, and devise a safe, effective weight training routine personalized to your body type and fitness goals.
1 one-hour session: $50
Individual Personal Training
Make an appointment with a personal trainer, who will oversee your progress and hold you accountable. Our excellent personal training staff will motivate you to make a fresh start, or reach a new level in your fitness.
2 half - hour session: $50 6 half - hour sessions: $120 12 half - hour sessions: $215
Group Personal Training
Set-up a personal training session with a few of your friends. Our personal trainers will work with groups of up to four people. Personal training with friends is a great way to stay motivated, workout with your friends and save money!
2 people: $35/person per hour 3 people: $25/person per hour 4 people: $20/person per hour
Personal Trainer Biographies

John Cunningham

John Cunningham

Stay just outside your comfort zone. I relaxed once, became complacent, and stagnated for close to 10 years. Nothing productive came from it and I have never felt more unhealthy. I made the decision to challenge myself and step outside that comfort zone at which point everything changed. I believe we need to stay active, consistently challenging our mind and bodies. No matter who you are or what your level of fitness might be, if you are interested in new challenges, you’ve come to the right place, and I would love to meet and work with you! Read more.

 Gail Nelson

Gail Nelson

I love that exercise can help improve our lives in so many ways – including weight control, reducing our risk of illness, maintaining function as we age, and even improving mood and energy. In today’s busy world it can be hard to find the time to take care of ourselves by exercising and eating right, but we need to take one step at a time and strive for progress, not perfection. I can work with you to design a program that fits with your lifestyle, interests, and goals. Read more.

Victoria Franklin

The mind and body are one. The road to fitness requires daily choices that effect our outcome. Why not create a master map and access the safest, most effective route? Knowledge is more precious than time, and it takes a little time each day to build mind-body strength to reach the places YOU want to go. When you come in to a session with me you will see why balanced, personalized training works. See you in there! Read more.


Chris Hoemmelmeyer

Without struggle there is no progress. Whether you’re new to the fitness world or looking for a new challenge, I’m here to help you all the way. I was once a sedentary smoker who ate his meals at a seven-eleven, and I know how hard it is to break bad habits and establish healthy ones. Progress, not perfection, is my mantra. When you’re ready, we can start working towards your fitness goals one step at a time. Read more.

Stop by SWCC or call us at 503-823-2840 to get started!
Children under the age of 14 are not allowed in the fitness center.