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Apply to Inventory Park Trees in Your Neighborhood

Steps of an inventory
What's expected of neighborhood applicants
What Urban Forestry provides
Application assistance

Applications for park tree inventories are due March 31, 2017

Parks Tree Inventory Application Form 

Thank you for your interest in organizing your Tree Team to conduct a parks tree inventory. The Tree Inventory Project is a long-term project, and requires a dedicated group of community members to organize and work together. 

Steps of a park inventory

  1. Before the inventory: Neighborhood Tree Teams begin by organizing their group and selecting a park to propose for the inventory. After their application has been approved, neighborhood organizers attend a planning workshop, and then begin recruiting data collection and arborist volunteers for workdays. 
  2. During the inventory: A Team Leader Training is held to train volunteers in the parks tree inventory protocol.  Park inventory workdays – typically 2 per park  – begin soon after and continue throughout the summer. Neighborhood organizers help set-up and clean-up for each workday, and Urban Forestry provides staff coordination, refreshments, and supplies for workdays. At workdays, a trained team leader is paired up with untrained volunteers to complete data collection sections, and a volunteer arborist is available for tree identification questions. Neighborhood organizers continue to recruit volunteers as needed for workday events throughout the summer.
  3. After the inventory: Tree Teams are invited to attend an annual Tree Summit held in early November to celebrate our work and discuss this year's findings. Online interactive maps of parks tree inventory data will be available. This summit is also a time for neighborhoods to form Tree Teams and continue work on Neighborhood Tree Plans that state short and long term goals for tree care, as well as actions to meet goals. After the summit, teams continue to meet on their own. Urban Forestry provides staff support, expertise, and event coordination for tree care actions.

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2017 Project Timeline

  • March 31, 2017: Application deadline for 2017 inventories
  • April 14: Notification of acceptance in to program
  • May 6 Saturday: Parks tree inventory planning workshop for organizers
  • May – June: Volunteer recruitment
  • June 3 Saturday: Team Leader Training on inventory protocol
  • June – September: Inventory conducted during work days
  • October: Data compilation and analysis
  • November: Inventory results presented at Tree Inventory Summit
  • Year round: Ongoing tree team meetings and activities to meet Tree Plan goals. Urban Forestry to assist with planning work days or events. 

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The project will require the following from neighborhood Tree Teams:

  • Attending a planning workshop to learn how to recruit volunteers and conduct the inventory
  • Planning two inventory collection days in your community. Your group will be responsible for selecting event locations, recruiting 20 volunteers per collection day, and recruiting a volunteer arborist.
  • Attend Team Leader training with volunteers to learn to conduct the tree inventory
  • Attend a post-inventory meeting to receive results and continue building your Tree Team
  • Present results to the neighborhood and receive their feedback

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PP&R Urban Forestry will help you in this process by providing:

  • Training for inventory organizers
  • Access to a project manager for questions and concerns
  • General publicity and recruitment on Parks website, blog, newsletters, and social media
  • Registration website for each work day
  • Training on tree identification and inventory methods for team leaders
  • A workshop leader, training, and supplies for each inventory work day
  • Online interactive maps of park inventoried trees

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To help prepare a strong application, Urban Forestry offers applicants the following suggestions:

  • Seek out a group of neighbors who are also interested in urban forestry issues, and work together to commit to the project. An inventory is only one aspect of a Tree Team's work which can be used to build community tree outreach and stewardship within a neighborhood. To be successful, this requires a group of committed citizens within the community to work together to accomplish tree-related goals to improve the urban forest.
  • Contact your neighborhood association and seek their support for the project. Encourage them to pass a resolution stating support and form a committee to assist you.
  • Recruit neighbors and sign up together for Urban Forestry's Neighborhood Tree Steward course. This 7 session course is offered annually in September and October and is an excellent opportunity to network with other volunteers conducting tree projects in their neighborhoods.
  • Participate in Urban Forestry workshops. These provide an opportunity to learn about stewardship of the urban forest, and may help you to recruit others to help with your community.

We appreciate your interest in the program and look forward to seeing your application!

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