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Sports Fields in Portland Parks Closed until Thursday 10/3/13


Lots of questions about PP&R ballfield and sports field closures which we are now able to answer.

What’s going on? Which sports fields are we talking about?

Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) made the call that City of Portland/PP&R fields; the ones users book through PP&R via permits; will be closed through Thursday due to the extremely heavy rains we experienced the last few days. On Thursday morning (10/3) we’ll look at the sites and re-evaluate conditions then. So depending on how they are then, fields might possibly open on that day; we will see; if conditions hold fields would certainly be open for the coming weekend.

PPS is not involved. Closing PPS fields would be their call; never been done in the past to our knowledge. We have a couple unaffected fields actually on PPS property – the just-completed all-weather Grant HS field (talk about good timing) and Buckman Field, which is also all-weather, so those two are fine.


Is there a list of the fields available?

I thought you might ask:

So if it’s a PP&R park and it has a field, it’s closed right now. (Sports fields are where you’d play soccer lacrosse or rugby; ballfields are for baseball or softball)

A few examples: Overlook Park; 2 soccer and 1 baseball 1 softball, all closed

Gabriel park 2 baseball 2 soft 3 soccer fields all closed

Lents Park –ballfields and sports fields closed

Westmoreland very wet – 5 ballfields, 4 sport fields. Can’t walk in the outfield without sinking a few inches


What exactly is the issue on the fields?

The problem is oversaturation. Even if a field looks ok at a glance, or driving by, you'll find that once you start running, you can create dangerous slippery mud spots; your foot sinks a few inches in a particularly wet spot and gets stuck, can get really hurt. Secondary concern is conditions of the fields.


Oh man…Does this mean no Friday night football?

That’s a PPS question; closing their fields would be their call; but we can’t recall that ever happening. Please contact PPS

When will PP&R revisit the fields; might they reopen sooner?

Thursday Oct 3; on that morning we’ll look at the fields and re-evaluate. Might possibly open on that day; we will see; if conditions hold, fields will certainly be open this coming weekend if not Friday too.

How many users/permittees/leagues are affected? How are they being notified?

There are approximately 206 active field permits issued to about 50 adult and youth user groups.

PP&R Customer Service will send an email to all affected groups.

Portland Youth Soccer cancelled 129 soccer games last weekend due to storm; so that gives you an idea of the scope. They practice and play throughout the week; plus adult groups; etc. The rains have washed out a lot of playing time, but luckily it’s just temporary. Hoping for dry days starting…now.