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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Parks & Recreation

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Phone: 503-823-7529

1120 SW Fifth Avenue, Portland, OR 97204

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Rental Policies

Rental Terms (Summary):

Full terms of use available from CMC office and at time of booking. Policies & fees subject to change.

GENERAL AVAILABILITY: CMC’s Recital Hall is currently available for rental Friday evenings 7:00pm-11:00pm,

Saturdays - 2:45pm-11:00pm (note: See NON-EXCLUSIVE HOURS below) and Sundays 12:45pm-10:00pm. For

exact times of availability for hall rental, or any special requests, please contact the Community Music Center's office at


FEES: All fees are due by date of event. Rental fees include concert hall use and pre-cleared stage. Warm-up/green

rooms may be reserved upon request as available. Use of in-house audio equipment, grand piano, and projector require

extra fees. Your rental begins when you and your event attendees enter and ends when you and all event attendees

have left the building (or your booking time, whichever is greater) and all cleaning and restoring requirements have

been met. Extra additional hour fees may be charged to renter and/or taken from deposit if the full time was not paid in


Extra Fees Per Booking:

  • Grand Piano Use $ 20.00
  • Prepared Piano Use (to cover tuning afterwards) $ 80.00
  • Digital Projector & Screen $ 15.00
  • Recording Equip. $ 15.00
  • Deposit - Alcohol at Event $ 200.00
  • Deposit - No Alcohol $ 60.00
  • Booking Fee (special use event) $ 10.00


NON-EXCLUSIVE HOURS: Rentals during CMC’s normal business hours are offered at a reduced rate because CMC

is primarily a music school, and there may be extraneous sounds beyond anyone’s control. Regularly scheduled classes

and activities take priority during business hours and usually cannot be moved or hushed. If sounds are an issue, speak

with the Registrar or Associate Director for assistance in working around the class schedule at time of booking.

RECEPTIONS: No food or drink is allowed in the recital hall or in any carpeted area. Use of kitchenette with coffee

maker, cookie trays, punch bowls & some utensils is provided free of charge –bring your own consumable supplies.

CMC also has a small variety of tables for renter use (4 @ 6 ft x 18 inches, 2 @ 8 ft x 18 inches, 2 @ 3 ft x 6 ft, 1 @

2.5 ft x 8 ft).

PUBLICITY: Events can be listed in our periodic newsletter and posted in-house; further promotion is up to the renter.

For this and other reasons, renters should NOT list CMC as the contact for event publicity purposes.

DEPOSIT (if applicable): Your deposit is refunded unless there is late cancellation of rental (less than 60 days), unpaid

rental fees, damages, etc.

STAFFING & BUILDING: A CMC staff member will be on duty during the rental, but no dedicated stage hands or

ushers are provided by CMC. Renter’s set-up and breakdown are part of rental time – consider this when determining

the amount of time needed to complete the program. CMC is a public facility – exclusive use by renter of the lobby or

other rooms is not guaranteed. No objects may be placed, taped, tacked or nailed to walls. Existing wall hangings may

not be moved.

SOUND: Amplified sound levels need to be kept reasonable and must conform to CMC staff specifications if deemed

too loud. CMC's hall has great acoustics. Most performers find amplification is not necessary even when they thought

it would be.

PIANO: a Steinway B (seven-foot) grand is available for extra per-booking fee. It is maintained in good working

condition for general performance requirements; if you require a special extra tuning (rare) for your event it must be

booked in advance (CMC hires technician of CMC’s choice) and requires an additional extra fee. A harpsichord is usually

also available (renter is responsible for harpsichord tuning fees)

RECORDINGS (if applicable): CMC’s digital recording equipment is of good quality for casual recordings; the outcome

is not guaranteed, however. When 100% recording success is required by client we recommend using your own

back-up recording system. Supply your own CD-R. A volunteer is recommended to record a CD-R with multiple track

requirements. There is a per-booking fee for the use of CMC’s recording equipment.

SMOKING: Smoking is not allowed in the Center or within 50 feet (excluding roads and adjoining property).

ALCOHOL: No hard liquor may be served, sold or consumed on the premises. No kegs allowed. Applicants will be

required to observe all OLCC regulations. If a license is required then the Renter is solely responsible for procuring it.

Renter agrees to indemnify the CMC if any violation of a statute or regulation occurs or a claim is brought against the

CMC with regard to the sale of and/or consumption of alcohol on the premises. Renter will be required to provide proof

of insurance coverage for the event. Those needing to purchase insurance may find more information on the insur

ance requirement can be found at the City Risk Management Division website:

CMC staff has the authority to monitor and limit the consumption of alcohol on its premises.

DISABILITIES: All lease activity must conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

NON-DISCRIMINATION: Renter and his/her employees, business associates, volunteers and contractors will not discriminate

on the basis of race, gender, age, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.