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Holly's Fitness Friday


Hello everyone and Happy Fitness Friday! I hope you have been enjoying the transition into another winter and are finding ways to keep warm. Like me and many of my clients this time of year is busy and filled with gatherings that get us off track from our exercise regimen and normal ways of eating. This week I wanted to give you a quick do anywhere no excuses 10 minute routine. No matter how busy we get we all have 10 minutes to dedicate to ourselves this holiday season! If you find yourself with more time do the routine below 2-3 times. 


  • 20 Prisoner squats: it's a traditional squat with your hands behind the head. Holding your hands like this allows your back to engage and stretches the chest. 


  • 20 Alternating lunges with power knee: feet start together, move your right foot behind, perform a lunge and pull right knee to chest with stand engaging abdominal. Switch to left leg. Adding the knee pull gives this exercise a three for one working the core, legs, and balance. 


  • 1 minute plank hold: Hold your body in a straight line head to heels lifting your belly button with each exhale. This movement can be done from the hands or elbows and to modify, drop to your knees. 


  • Push ups: From plank widen hands lower towards floor with control and use chest, shoulders, triceps, and core to push away. Modify by dropping to your knees. 


  • 1 minute per side, side plank: hold straight line head to heels with your elbow or hand right below your shoulder. Use your waist to hold the body up and engage the front part of your core as well. 


  • 20 bicycle crunches: hands behind your head and knees into chest. Opposites attract at the top range of motion.


One time through and you've done a total body workout in 10 minutes with no equipment! No excuses!

Please see me any one of our certified personal trainers for help with these exercises or whatever else you may need to get through these winter months! 


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