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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Parks & Recreation

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Phone: 503-823-7529

1120 SW Fifth Avenue, Portland, OR 97204

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Personal Training

Interested in Personal Training?

Contact our front desk in person or by phone 503-823-3450 for more information today!

PP&R requires a PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness) form to be filled out completely and returned. Once we have that paperwork, you pick a trainer, register and pay. The trainer will then contact you to set up an appointment.

What can a personal trainer do for you?

They can help you design a personalize fitness program, learn proper form and safe ways to exercise, provide accountability and motivation, track progress with fitness assessments (Postural, body, fat, strength, core and more) for any fitness level and make fitness fun!

  • For the fit: if you’ve been working out for years, maybe all you need is a session or two to evaluate and modify your current program.
  • For the newbie: If you are new to exercise we highly recommend a minimum of 3 sessions. One to go over health history, establish basic goals and how to properly use the equipment; session two, to review after you’ve practiced your program; at the thirds session we add additional programming for on going progress.
  • For the committed: ongoing sessions for motivation education and goal review. We suggest a session at least once a month as a reward for your commitment to your health.

Private Personal Training Session Fees

 Single Session  Packages Deals  Group Training
 $45 - 1 Hour Session  $120 - 3 Hour Session ($40/hr) Group of 2 for 1 hr Session: $25 each person
Group of 3 for 1 hr Session: $20 each person
$234 - 6 Hour Session ($39/hr) Group of 2 for 3 hr Session: $57.50 each person
Group of 3 for 3 hr Session: $42.00 each person

Meet our Personal Trainers

Terri’s Daily Training Availability:

(Availability within these times may vary)

Monday: 10:15am-1:30pm

Tuesday: 10:15am-1:30pm 

Wednesday: Unavailable 

Thursday: 10:15am-1:30pm 

Friday: 10:15am-1:30pm 

Saturday: Unavailable 

Sunday: Unavailable


Terri Morse

Biography: Terri is certified through the ISSA (International Sports Science Association) as a Personal Trainer. She has taught at many different clubs, hospitals and corporate settings, but feels that EPCC is her home and the best place she has been. Terri has fun teaching here because the people are warm and friendly and she is told that the fun she has teaching comes across and is shared by her students. She is always excited helping people achieve their fitness goals. Terri emphasizes core strength for balance, posture and health.

Philosophy: "I believe that if you do what you enjoy everyday then you will never work a day in your life. I encourage everyone to keep moving! If you don’t use it you will lose it so I welcome all levels of conditioning to come have some fun with fitness!"

Interests: When Terri is not teaching fitness classes she teaches decorative painting and enjoys crafts and decorating the home that she built with her husband.

Group X Classes: Terri teaches Pilates, Exercise for Every ‘Body’ and Step Aerobics at East Portland Community Center. Check out our Group X schedule for more details.

Sheryl’s Daily Training Availability:

(Availability within these times may vary)

Monday: 6:30am-6:30pm

Tuesday: 6:30am-6:30pm

Wednesday: 6:30am-6:30pm

Thursday: 6:30am-6:30pm

Friday: 6:30am-5pm

Saturday: 8am-2pm

Sunday: Unavailable

Sheryl Hassett

Biography: Sheryl is a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. She has been in the fitness industry for over 27 years as a Group Instructor, 18 years as a Personal Trainer and is ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified in both. She is also a Certified  Senior Strength Trainer through the International Weightlifting Association. Sheryl continues to enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of helping others maintain a healthier lifestyle. With a history in running marathons and participating in organized road races, she now enjoys outdoor cycling, gardening and just being outside.

Philosophy: "With an emphasis on core strength and posture, I can help you achieve your fitness goals. Building and maintaining muscle mass is important for preventing osteoporosis and keeping your metabolism high. It also does wonders for you appearance! There is nothing like feeling strong and healthy."

Specialties: Helping beginners get started in fitness is a specialty of Sheryl’s. Whether taking a class or one-on-one training, she can help you feel confident and successful through her down to earth approach. She is also skilled in developing programs with an emphasis on sports like snowboarding, skiing and golf.

Group X Classes: Sheryl teaches Bootcamp and Yoga classes at East Portland Community Center. Check out our Group X schedule for more details.

Iris’s Daily Training Availability:

(Availability within these times may vary)

Monday: 8:30am-9:30am

Tuesday: 8:30am-9:30am

Wednesday: 8:30am-9:30am

Thursday: 8:30am-9:30am

Friday: 8:30am-9:30am

Saturday: Unavailable

Sunday: Unavailable

Iris Powell

Biography: Iris is a certified Exercise Physiologist through the highly esteemed American College of Sports Medicine and has a Bachelors degree in Public Health. Iris believes that everyone can recognize their potential to live a healthy, fulfilling life. She enjoys working with everyone from older beginners to younger athletes to those with special considerations. Most importantly, Iris wants everyone to gain the knowledge to utilize incredibly important, positive health behaviors so that they may live their lives at the highest level. Iris finds serenity in running and is often training for and competing in local road races.

Philosophy: "Everyone, regardless of age, gender or physical limitations has the ability to become their best. Physical activity and exercise can and should be an enjoyable part of everyone’s daily life."

Interests: Aside from her love for running, Iris enjoys playing her violin, sewing and taking mini road trips. She appreciates being around and learning from people who have different backgrounds, experiences and points of view. She looks forward to the opportunity of training you!



Sara’s Daily Training Availability:

(Availability within these times may vary)

Monday: 9am-3:30pm

Tuesday: 9am-3:30pm

Wednesday: 9am-3:30pm

Thursday: 9am-3:30pm

Friday: 9am-3:30pm

Saturday: 11am-3:30pm

Sunday: Unavailable

Sara Brittan

Biography: Sara is a certified Personal Trainer through ISSA. She is currently working towards her certification in Exercise Therapy as well. Sara has been a part of the "fitness community" since she was a teenager. Because of her extensive background in fitness, she is able to design a program that is tailored to each individual’s goals. Sara enjoys working with clients and helping them feel strong, look their best and have fun getting there.

Philosophy: "I think no matter what the situation, we can all benefit from exercise. Whether it be a simple walk or intense cardio, moving the body every day will help improve a persons quality of life. I want to help each individual I have the pleasure of working with enjoy their day to day living."

Interests: Sara is living the mom life in full swing. She enjoys outings with the family, traveling, gardening, and spending time with good friends.

Group X Classes: Sara teaches Cardio Kickboxing at East Portland Community Center. Check out our Group X schedule for more details.