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Pseudotsuga menziesii

Douglas Fir Leaf and SeedDouglas-fir 


About Douglas-fir at OSU's Landscape Plants site

  • Native from British Columbia to Mexico. The state tree of Oregon.

  • Height can reach 300’ and circumference >35’.

  • Needles are about 1” long and surround the shoot.

  • Seed cone matures in one year, and is 3-4” long with 3-pronged bracts protruding under each scale. Male cones produce profuse yellow pollen in April.

  • The most important timber tree in U.S.; very few old growth trees remain.

  • Very common in Portland. #134 is the largest in Portland. #294 was the inspiration for the name of the historic Lone Fir Cemetery.


Tree # Location Dimensions Photo and Notes

Danford Balch Homesite
Portland Parks & Recreation

242' Height
60' Spread
18.6' Circ.

This tree was once thought to be the largest Douglas-fir in Portland and can be found 100 yards from the stone house on the Lower Macleay spur trail along Balch Creek.
Heritage Tree 134

2525 SW Montgomery Dr
Right Of Way

110' Height
62' Spread
13.6' Circ.

This tree is found at the southeast corner of this lot, near Buena Vista Dr.
Heritage Tree 148

Powell Butte Nature Park
Portland Water Bureau

165' Height
65' Spread
18.8' Circ.

This tree is located along the Cedar Grove Trail in Powell Butte Nature Park.
Heritage Tree 260


Glendoveer Golf Course

145' Height
85' Spread
16' Circ.

This tree is located along the fitness trail paralelling NE Halsey St, close to the intersection of NE Halsey and NE 146th Ave. 
Heritage Tree 279 

Lone Fir Cemetery Public, Metro

85' Height 50' Spread 13.3' Circ.

This tree was the inspiration for the name of the historic Lone Fir Cemetery. It is located in the northwest section of the lot, roughly opposite 437 SE 22nd Ave. Doulgas-fir Heritage Tree 294

8207 SW 30th Ave Right of Way

144' Height
58' Spread
15.3' Circ.

Douglas-fir Heritage Tree 348

5151 NW Cornell Rd
Private, Audubon Society

268' Height
60' Spread
18.7' Circ.

Heritage Tree 359, Douglas-fir