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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Parks & Recreation

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Parks Board Recruitment - through March 31, 2017

Portland Parks Board Seeks New Members

Portland Parks & Recreation provides care to over 10,000 acres, and offers thousands of programs for all ages at its community centers, swimming pools, and other recreation facilities. It is a premier City of Portland Bureau that depends on a workforce of 419 permanent employees, 2,868 part-time and seasonal employees, and over 6,000 volunteers. The Portland Parks Board provides support, advocacy, and guidance for the overall park system.

Portland Parks & Recreation’s Parks Board will have one position open on July 1, 2017. If you are interested in applying for this vacant position, please complete the City of Portland Boards and Commissions application form. Applications will be accepted now through March 31, 2017 for the Portland Parks Board position. Interviews and candidate selection will occur in the week of April 17, 2017.

Job description

1. Duties of the Parks Board, as described in the bylaws adopted by City Council in October 2001

    • Advise the Council, the Commissioner, and the Director on policy matters pertaining to Portland Parks & Recreation, using the Parks 2020 Vision as its guide.
    • Advise the Council, the Commissioner, and the Director on the preparation and contents of the annual Portland Parks & Recreation budget request.
    • Review plans and policies, either existing or being developed, by other City of Portland bureaus, boards, and commissions or by other government agencies, that affect parks and recreation in the City of Portland, and advocate for the advancement of parks, natural areas, open spaces, and recreation facilities and services in City and regional planning and design.
    • Engage in such public outreach, education, and advocacy, to the extent permitted by law, as the Board determines necessary or advisable in order to provide a forum for public discussion and decision-making about park and recreation issues.
    • Prepare and submit to the Council an annual report which shall summarize the Board’s activities during the year and which shall identify the major issues facing Portland Parks & Recreation and the Board’s recommendations for addressing them in the coming year.

2. Expectations of the Parks Board in fulfilling the duties

    • Focus on furthering the implementation of the guiding principles, vision, and goals of the Parks 2020 Vision, and include in its annual report an assessment of the status of the implementation of the Parks 2020 Vision.
    • Review the Bureau’s Strategic Plan and related Bureau and Council decision-making, and provide advice and comment regarding the extent to which such Strategic Plan and related decision-making further the implementation of the Parks 2020 Vision.
    • Encourage partnering of the Bureau and the City of Portland with public and private agencies, organizations, and other entities with respect to implementation of the Parks 2020 Vision.
    • Serve as a forum for the identification and advocacy of means of achieving the Parks 2020 Vision that are used successfully elsewhere or are otherwise innovative.
    • Prepare its annual report to the Council by August each year and submit during fall of each year.

3. Board participation

    • Support the needs of the organization to the best of your ability.
    • Participate in meetings and ask appropriate questions.
    • Represent issues of concern to you, but as they relate to the whole park system.
    • Serve on a PP&R committee and Board committee as a part of your board role.
    • Act as an advocate for Portland Parks & Recreation to the public.
    • Attend monthly board meetings, board trainings, and retreats.
    • Complete assignments and prepare for meetings.

4. Knowledge and preparation

    • Educate yourself about Portland Parks & Recreation, its purpose, history, problems, and needs.
    • Read the Parks 2020 Vision, the document that lays out the purpose of the Park Board and plans for the future.
    • Be aware of the outside influences affecting Portland Parks & Recreation.
    • Stay current on the roles and responsibility of Board involvement.

Please direct questions to Lorraine Wilson, Executive Assistant to the Director of Portland Parks & Recreation, at or 503-823-5135.