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Lost your Motivation? No Problem.

motivation to runIt happens to all of us. The excitement surrounding running all of a sudden becomes the biggest burden on your to-do list. It’s raining, you don’t feel like driving to the gym or you are absolutely exhausted from a long day at work. Whatever the reason, lacking motivation to run hits hard and getting back into running seems close to impossible. Here are some tips from Jeff Galloway of Runner’s World about how to conquer the lack of motivation and overcome the obstacles of putting those dusty Nikes back on your feet.  

BEAT IT: If you can't talk in full sentences, you're going too fast. Run one minute, walk one minute for 10 minutes. Shift to a 2:1 run/ walk ratio for the next 10 minutes. Do whatever you feel like for the final 10 minutes.

BEAT IT: Starting out too fast can lead to a sudden increase in muscle waste products that can make you feel sluggish. Head out slowly—and remember, no pace is too slow.

BEAT IT: Multitask: Run on a treadmill while you're waiting for a meal to cook or the clothes to dry, or run in circles around the playground while the kids play.

BEAT IT: Establish a mission for every run. Run to get a cup of coffee. Do a few accelerations in the middle of your loop. On measured paths or trails, try to run a few seconds faster every mile. Run your regular loop backward, loop through different neighborhoods, or call up a buddy to join you.

BEAT IT: Once a week, warm up, then run four laps around a track. Time yourself. Set a goal to beat the time you ran the previous week. Every other week, slow down your longest run and increase the distance by a quarter to a half mile. Watching your mileage add up and your times go down is a great way to gauge your progress.

We hope that this helps, but we would also love to hear what you do to increase your motivation to get out there and go for a run! Wake up earlier, exercise during your lunch break, run with your kids… whatever it is, we would love to hear about it!