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The Temperature is Rising...

It looks like the sun has finally arrived this summer, which means more running and less worrying about rain and grey skies. However, when the weather gets too hot, precautions and alterations need to be made to your running regimen because running in the heat is HARD WORK! Jenny Hadfield of Women’s Running Magazine shares some tips on how to avoid injuries and how to make the most of runs during summertime heat.                                                    


 Dress the part.

Wear loose-fitting clothes, a visor, sunglasses and sunscreen.

 Take a break.

Keep your body cool by adding one-minute walk breaks every five minutes during your long runs. As you become stronger, shorten or skip the breaks.

 Perform long runs on a loop.

Repeat a short, 30-minute-ish loop course. In one spot, leave a cooler with cold fluids, ice cubes, fuel and a dry towel. Stop at your station during every loop to keep your core temperature in check.

 Run with an ice-dana.

Wrap a bandana around your neck and stuff the back of the scarf with ice cubes. Refill with ice every time you reach your cooling station.

 Run indoors.

On extremely hot days, consider running speed workouts on an indoor track or treadmill. You will reap the full benefits of your workout without the heat cramping your style.

 Be flexible.

Modify your workouts if needed. An easy workout is better than overexerting yourself or not running at all.

 Acclimate with hot yoga.

These classes are a practical way to prepare for the heat while improving strength and flexibility. Schedule them at least two days before or after your long runs to avoid fatigue and dehydration.

 Pay attention to your body’s stress signals.

If you feel dizzy, lightheaded or experience cramping, stop running and seek shade. Carry your phone so you can call a friend to pick you up in an emergency.

We hope that these tips are helpful and can be implemented as you train for the Gabriel Park Race!