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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Parks & Recreation

Healthy Parks, Healthy Portland

Phone: 503-823-7529

1120 SW Fifth Avenue, Portland, OR 97204

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General Information

On the day of your class, our environmental educators will be available to greet you and your child, confirm that we have the correct emergency information, and help children get connected to the group. 

Yes, bathrooms or porta-potties are available during our classes. 

The ideal bathroom scenario...we request that you come to the park five minutes early and have your child use the bathroom at the park, instead of going at home. We are generally closest to the bathrooms at the beginning and end of class, and if your child has not gone to the bathroom for an hour or so before arriving, they will probably have to go when we are the farthest distance away! If we can get to a real bathroom, we will, but in situations where children can not make it back to a bathroom, we will help them choose a "tree potty" to prevent them from having an accident. This is totally fine with us! We will do everything possible to make sure your child is cared for the in the same way you would care for them! 

Safety during class is our number one priority. We carry 2-way radios if our group will be divided at all. Our experienced educators are comfortable welcoming new people, building rapport, dealing with emergencies, and managing conflict. All of our classes are facilitated with a 1:6 teacher-student ratio (or better). When you registered for the class, you were required to give us important information about your child and initialed the medical waiver. Before you leave the meeting spot of the class, make sure someone has verified your authorized pick-ups, emergency contacts, and any allergies or other concerns our staff should know about. 

Arrive on time! Our classes are outdoors, and we like to hike! Participants and staff leave the meeting spot within 10-15 minutes and often do not return until the end of class. If you have a morning where you are running unavoidably late, please contact Chrissy Larson at 503-823-1149. We will help you know how to find the class if they have left already. 

Class Information
Our programs are very active.
We are outside rain or shine.
Children should be dressed for the weather.
If your child is feeling anxious, let us know, and we can help. (And we recommend that you read this page on our website for some tips and ideas!)

Withdrawal Policy 
For a full refund, children must be withdrawn from a class at least seven days before the class.