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General Information

General Information for Lil’ Nature Kids

On the first day of your class, our preschool EE teachers will be available to greet you & your child, gather paperwork and help them feel comfortable. Chrissy Larson, Program Coordinator, will be on-site periodically to support the staff as needed, but much of my work is behind the scenes. Classes require at least 3 children to run. MOST OF OUR CLASSES STILL HAVE SPACE!!! Details here:

Please help us fill the spots by inviting a friend, posting on Facebook or talking the classes up in your social circles. Children can be added late at a pro-rated fee.


It might sound crazy, but this is one of the most common questions we get! Yes, bathrooms are available during our classes. That said, we recognize that many of our Lil Nature Kids are young, and are recently potty trained.  We can easily recognize the "potty dance," and we frequently check in to see if children need to go. 
The ideal scenario... We request that you come to the park 5 min early and have your child use the bathroom AT THE PARK, instead of going at home. We are generally closest to the bathrooms at the beginning and end of class, and if your child has not gone to the bathroom since 8:45-9am, they will probably have to go when we are the farthest distance away! If we can get to a real bathroom, we will, but in situations where children can not make it back to a bathroom, we will help them choose a "tree potty" to prevent them from having an accident. This is totally fine with us! We will do everything possible to make sure your child is cared for the in the same way you would care for them! 


We’re so glad your child is signed up for Lil’ Nature Kids! All children MUST arrive with a completed Heath Form on the first day. For your convenience, you can find the health form on our website: (

Fill it out online, save a copy if you wish, and print it. If you are unable to print, please expect to spend a few minutes filling one out on the first day when you arrive! Thanks for your patience as our staff greets each child and makes sure all paperwork is in order. Arriving 5-10 minutes early the first day will help this process go faster.


If you have a morning where you are running unavoidably late or there is a day when your child will not be attending, please call Chrissy's cell phone: (503) 823-1149 and the message will be passed on to the teachers.

LIL NATURE KIDS MORNING CLASSES are 9:30am-1:30am. Afternoon classes are 1-3:30pm 
LIL NATURE FAMILIES CLASSES are 9:30am-11:30am. 

Class Information

Our programs are very active, and we are outside rain or shine. Children should be dressed for the weather, remembering some sites can be cooler & foggy in the mornings. Children will spend their two hours exploring the park, walking the trails, investigating nature, doing projects or crafts and learning about a specific nature theme. All Lil Nature Kids classes are drop-off style classes. If you are interested in attending class with your child, check out our Lil Nature Families classes! If you are dropping off your child with us, we recommend that you read this page on our website for some tips & ideas! We have been doing this a long time, and we work with all types of children. If your child is anxious, we can help! Just ask!

Withdrawal Policy 

Withdrawal Policy for all EE classes: For a full refund, children must be withdrawn from a class at least 7 days before the first day of class.