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Meet the Teachers!


Teacher Pallas
Teacher Pallas joined the Preschool Nature team in September 2016, and she quickly got the hang of all the tasks of teaching outdoors with young children! Teacher Pallas loves to be outside with children because it's so important for them to connect to nature. She loves encouraging them to explore so they might run into the coolest parts of nature - things like bird calls, the details in a mushroom camp, or a dead squirrel with wet, matted fur. She believes there is so much to see and wonder about, and she likes to teach what she knows, bur really, she enjoys asking more questions than giving answers. Her favorite nature topics are birds, wild edible berries, squirmy invertebrates and Leaf Cutter Ants! In her off time, she likes to tell her kitties they are the prettiest, read about fairies & wizards, look for birds and dig for treasures at the Goodwill Bins!


Teacher Nimbus
Teacher Nimbus joined the Preschool Nature team in September 2016, and her silly, outgoing nature melded well with the goals of our program! Teacher Nimbus loves working with young children because of their unabashed curiosity - and their courage to ask questions or guess at answers. In her own words, Teacher Nimbus says, "Kids help me think of new ways to explore the outdoors..." In her spare time, she likes to learn about medicinal plants, constellations, predatory birds, and mountains. In her spare time, she practices archery and writes short stories. 

Teacher Pika 
Teacher Pika
Teacher Pika joined the Lil Nature Kids/Nature School team in September 2012. She loves working with children in nature because she notices children's personalities bloom when they are outside. Teacher Pika believes being in nature is simultaneously grounding and inspiring, and she is thrilled when she gets to witness enthusiastic, imaginative, creative play unfold alongside the wonder of discovery. Although partial to Pikas (hence the nature name!), she also really likes octopods and intertidal zone creatures. When not teaching, Pika likes to play with her family (husband & two daughters) and spend time reading, camping and gardening.   

Teacher Wren

Teacher Wren
Teacher Wren helps us as a substitute preschool naturalist when we need an extra head! She enjoys working with children in nature because she likes to see kids making their own discoveries! Some of her favorite moments are when kids are so excited about discovering something that they are shouting at her and the rest of the class “You guys! Come see this! Come see what I found!” Teacher Wren loves birds - all of them! She enjoys knitting in her spare time. 

Teacher Lizard Wizard
Teacher Lizard Wizard started working with Environmental Education at Portland Parks in the summer of 2015 where he helped with both the youth and preschool camps. He quickly became famous for his elderberry branch vials full of glitter. Lizard Wizard is a guy who makes everything magical, plus he knows a ton about plants, and teaches children (and our staff) all kinds of interesting information! Lizard Wizard mostly leads our field trip program, but he likes to fill in at Lil Nature Kids when he's needed!