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Learn About Tree Plans

Roseway planting

In 2016, Urban Forestry wrapped up the multi-year Street Tree Inventory Project. With the help of over 1,300 volunteers, we measured, mapped and identified more than 218,000 street trees in 96 Portland neighborhoods!

This project provided neighborhood-specific data describing tree canopy characteristics such as: species diveristy and tree type composition, distribution of trees by size class, susceptibility of tree canopy to pests and pathogens, estimates of tree benefits (cooling effects, stormwater management, air quality improvements), available planting opportunities, and recommendations for care of existing trees and planning for the future.

Using this information, Tree Teams worked with Urban Forestry staff to develop Tree Plans for their neighborhoods. Tree Plans set goals for the improvement of the neighborhood forest and address the following types of questions:

  • What could the neighborhood tree canopy look like in 20 or 30 years if the streets were lined with trees?
  • Where are opportunities for new street tree plantings? 
  • Are there hot spots in the neigborhood where trees are lacking?  
  • Are there recently planted trees that would benefit from structural pruning?
  • Are there historically significant, magnificent trees that could be nominated to be Heritage Trees?

The Tree Plan can then be used to guide community tree stewardship workshops, events and educational activities and as an outreach tool to the community. 

Example: Arbor Lodge Tree Plan. 

Follow this link to see a list of Tree Plans for various neighborhoods. Does your neighborhood or community have an active Tree Team? Has a Tree Plan been established?