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Rose Finder Discovery Guide

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  1. SI - The smallest rose in the garden, and impressive for the tiny buds before they open.
  2. MARILYN MONROE - An absolutely gorgeous peach hybrid tea rose, as fabulous as her namesake.
  3. MISTER LINCOLN - Historically one of the all-time favorite roses in the United States, experts rate this tall bloom as an example of the perfect hybrid tea variety.
  4. CENTENNIAL SUNSHINE - Chosen and named by the Friends of the International Rose Test Garden to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the garden.  
  5. LEGENDS! - Oprah Winfrey helped pick this rose to honor women she considers legends and its enormous blooms are, indeed, almost larger than life.  
  6. CINCO DE MAYO - Named for the cultural holiday, these ruffled petals suggest a festive event. Named Portland’s Best Rose of 2017.
  7. NEIL DIAMOND - Named after the Hall-of-Fame singer-songwriter, this rose captures the stage with its stripes, and is bred from a rose variety called Rock & Roll.
  8. EDEN - With 100 petals, this climber variety is adored for its poofy, full form resulting from so many layers.
  9. INK SPOTS - While there is no black rose, this is the darkest red in the garden, with outer edges that are nearly black.
  10. TWILIGHT ZONE - Enjoyed for its mysterious color and powerful perfume, this rose won Most Fragrant at the 2017 Portland’s Best Rose event.
  11. DOUBLE DELIGHT - A favorite of many for its fantastic fragrance and eye-catching color combo.
  12. JULIA CHILD - The famous chef chose this rose to be named for her since it starts out egg-yolk yellow and ages to butter yellow.
  13. PEACE - One of the most famous roses of all time. Introduced in the United States in 1945, coincidentally on the same day that Berlin fell to the Allies in World War II.
  14. KNOCK OUT - Revolutionized rose growing by making it effortless. This variety needs no pruning or deadheading!
  15. GRAND DUCHESS - Oldest originally-planted rose in the garden. Planted in 1943 by the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg herself.
  16. FIREFIGHTER - This blazing-red rose was named for the 343 firefighters who died on 9/11. A strong, resistant, and fragrant rose.
  17. SUGAR MOON- Outstanding white color and intense perfume. Voted Most Fragrant for a number of years by visitors to the garden.
  18. KETCHUP & MUSTARD - You guessed it! This bright red and yellow rose is a colorful favorite of both kids and adults.
  19. MADAME CAROLINE TESTOUT - 50,000 of these roses were planted along the parade route for the 1905 Lewis & Clark Expo, helping Portland earn the nickname “City of Roses.”
  20. WHITE LICORICE - The sense of smell is very personal, but many think this rose has a spicy-sweet scent just like the candy.