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Urban Forestry Stewardship Support in Action - Part 2

In this two-part blog series, we highlight the achievements of Neighborhood Tree Teams that have recently applied for and utilized funds available through the Urban Forestry Stewardship Support Program (we are currently accepting suggestions for a better name). PP&R Urban Forestry offers financial, in-kind, and limited staff support for tree stewardship events - presentations, workshops, community projects and outreach activities for Neighborhood Tree Stewards and Neighborhood Tree Teams. To learn more about Stewardship Support, please check out this link.  

The following article was submitted by King Sabin Tree Team.

King Sabin Street Tree Community Assistance Project 2016-17

The King Sabin Tree Team obtained funds through three organizations in order to accomplish project goals for the 2016-17 Community Street Tree Assistance Project. This project provided full funding for six properties (three in King, three in Sabin) to remove dead or dying street trees and replace with healthy new trees, through a permitted removal/replant process. Funds used for this project are summarized in the table below.

Source Award Amount
Sabin Community Assistance Grant $1,000
East Mult Soil and Water Conservation District SPACE Grant $1,500
PP&R Urban Forestry Stewardship Support $800
Total: $3,300

Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN) acted as fiscal sponsor for the Sabin Community Association (SCA) and East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District grants. In addition to funds secured for this project, PP&R Urban Forestry waived the $35 removal/replant permit application fee for five properties (the sixth property had a permit in-process prior to signing up for the project). Friends of Trees provided ten replacement trees at no cost. All organizing and outreach work was conducted by Tree Team volunteers. Green King also provided volunteer support.

dying trees

Two horsechestnut street trees with significant decay were removed to make way for two new healthy, vigorous trees.

tree removal

Tree removal by Pacific Standard Tree arborists. 

All project funds (less $125 for NECN 5% admin fee) were used for arborist services to remove trees and grind stumps. Log rounds were left on-site as a cost savings measure, or offered to community members and successfully removed. ISA certified Pacific Standard Tree and subcontractors, all residing in the project area, provided arborist services. King Sabin Tree Team members provided approximately 45 volunteer hours for project coordination, canvassing, completion and submittal of permit applications and consent forms, and coordination with Friends of Trees and project participants, in addition to tree planting.

tree planting

Friends of Trees assists with tree planting.

Fliers were posted around the neighborhood, and notices were posted on the Sabin Community Association and Green King Facebook pages, as well as Next Door. Canvassing occurred in December 2016, using street tree inventory data to identify trees in dead or poor condition and Portland Maps data to match properties likely occupied by income-qualifying residents. Project participants self-identified as having a financial barrier to street tree removal and replacement.

Tree Team members completed the Urban Forestry street tree removal/replant permit applications and acted as liaison with Friends of Trees to order trees. Removals were timed so that replacement trees could be planted by Friends of Trees and community volunteers on the scheduled Friends of Trees planting dates, February 18 for King, and March 4 for Sabin. Additionally, project participants signed a consent form provided by Urban Forestry, agreeing to tree establishment care, including two years of weekly summer watering. King Sabin Tree Team members will follow up with project participants to assist with watering if needed, and monitor establishment.

new tree

A new Japanese hornbeam occupies a curbside planting strip where an old ornamental cherry was removed.

The table below provides information on trees removed and trees replanted. Originally, the Tree Team assumed that more properties would be included in this project. However, canvassing efforts did not produce the expected response. Additionally, 4 removed trees were exceptionally large, necessitating a significant proportion of fund allocation for stump grinding. Overall, project goals were satisfied through offering support and financial assistance to community members unable to bear the  cost of tree removal, and by improving neighborhood canopy health, viability and watershed function through removal of dead trees and diversification of new plantings. 

Trees removed: 9 Trees planted: 10

Ornamental cherry (Prunus sp.)

Redbud (Cercis sp.)

 Ornamental cherry (Prunus sp.)

June snow dogwood (Cornus controversa)

 Redbud (Cercis sp.)

June snow dogwood (Cornus controversa)

 Lavelle hawthorn (Crataegus lavallei)

Persian ironwood (Parrotia persica)

 Ornamental cherry (Prunus sp.)

Amur maackia (Maackia amurensis)

 Ornamental cherry (Prunus sp.) - stumpgrinding, only

Japanese hornbeam (Carpinus japonicus)

 2 horsechestnuts (Aesculus hippocastanum)

2 Tuscarora crepe myrtles (Lagerstroemia x 'Tuscarora')

 Apple (Malus domestica)

'Yellow Butterflies' magnolia (Magnolia acuminata x denudata)

Cherry (Prunus sp.) 

Chinese Pistache (Pistacia chinensis)

thank you card

A very kind thank you card sent to King Sabin Tree Team from a happy project participant.

For questions about Urban Forestry Community partnerships, please contact:  

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