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Congratulations to 2017's Golden DBH Award Winners: The DiCarlos!

The DiCarlos receive their award, mounted on the wood of a former Heritage Tree

A package deal, we couldn’t honor one DiCarlo without honoring both! Greg and JoAnne have been dedicated Tree Inventory volunteers since 2015. JoAnne was new to Portland in 2015 and signed up to volunteer for her neighborhood’s street tree inventory with her husband, Greg, as a way to get familiar with the neighborhood. Together, Greg and JoAnne went to all 4 neighborhood workdays and took home homework sections to complete on their own time. They ended up inventorying about half of the Buckman neighborhood on their own!

In 2016, the DiCarlos went through team leader training and led teams through data collection for the street tree inventory. New to tree id in 2015, they worked on honing their identification skills by borrowing reference guides, collecting samples for comparison, and asking great questions at work days. 

2017 saw the introduction of the Parks Inventory, with new data collection techniques, different equipment, and the new goal of identifying every tree to species instead of genus. JoAnne and Greg took the challenges in stride. Although they were apprehensive at first about the clinometer (used to measure tree height) and collecting data on iPads instead of paper sheets, they excelled, teaching the new techniques to numerous novice volunteers over the course of the summer.

The DiCarlos input collect inventory data in Berkeley Park

Greg and JoAnne came to ten workdays during the 2017 inventory season--half of all scheduled events. They took public transportation to get to inventories all over the city and even made it by bus from Buckman to Cathedral Park for a Wednesday evening workday! Inventory staff could always rely on the DiCarlos to arrive ready to work, and to show newer volunteers the ropes. 

Although the equipment used for the Parks Inventory made it difficult to assign homework, JoAnne still sought out additional opportunities to inventory Portland’s trees and partnered with inventory staff in her free time to inventory a small park property in her neighborhood. Greg and JoAnne are looking forward to spending the winter learning how to prune trees with Friends of Trees and attending as many Urban Forestry workshops as possible, and Urban Forestry is looking forward to having them back as team leaders in 2018! Congratulations DiCarlos!

Interested in learning more about volunteering for the urban forest? Join us at the Tree Summit on November 4th to hear results from this year's inventory as well as other opportunities to plant, prune, and advocate for trees in Portland.

Posted 10/23/17