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The City of Portland, Oregon

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Camper and Volunteer Expectations

Camp is only fun for everyone if everyone is having fun! Nature Camp has both structured and unstructured times each day, but regardless of the type of activity, the expectations remain the same!

To participate, all campers, volunteers, and their families must abide by the following Nature Camp Expectations:

1. Be safe (in their words and actions)  
2. Be respectful (to themselves, to each other, to nature)
3. Listen to others (staff and campers)
4. Have fun!

ADDITIONALLY, PORTLAND PARKS REQUIRES THAT ALL PARTICIPANTS REFRAIN FROM THE FOLLOWING: All forms of harassment • Defacing property (structures, land or equipment) • Disruptive or disorderly behavior • Improper use of restrooms • Offensive physical contact • Inflicting harm or hurting self or others • Spitting • Using or being under the influence of any intoxicating substance • Using profanity, teasing or ridiculing others • Violation of any federal, state or local statute or ordinance

Consequences for campers unable to follow the expectations

Campers or volunteers who are unable to follow the expectations of camp will be reminded of the expectations and redirected by the naturalists leading the group. If a pattern of unsafe or disrespectful behavior arises, on-site support staff and/or the EE Coordinator will pull the child apart from the group to check in and re-state the expectations. Parents and/or guardians will be informed of any challenges when the child is picked up for the day. Staff may ask for parent support or ideas for helping changes the behavior.

If the pattern of challenging behavior continues, the child will get two chances to change their behavior:

  1. FIRST CHANCE – Verbal Warning: The child is reminded by staff and is verbally given a warning that if the behavior continues, staff will be calling parents. 
  2. SECOND CHANCE – Parent Phone Call: If the behavior continues, the parents are called and informed that their child has received the final verbal warning. Parents need to be available to pick up their child early if needed. 
  3. HOME FOR THE DAY – Early Pick-up: If after calling the parents the behavior persists, parents will be called to come and pick up their child early from camp. Camper can return the next day if they are able to change their behavior. Formal documentation will be written and kept on file at Portland Parks. 
  4. HOME FOR THE WEEK – Sorry, this camp is not a good fit: If the child returns the camp the next day and the behavior has not changed, parents will be called immediately to pick up the child, and the child will not be returning to camp that week, and depending on the behavior, possibly the rest of the summer. No refund will be issued for the current week, and other weeks will be refunded as per the Portland Parks & Recreation Withdrawal Policy.