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Parks Board Working Groups

In order to facilitate in-depth review of designated subject areas, the Parks Board has created four working groups for fiscal year 2017-2018. These working groups have no authority to make decisions on policy or administration for the Parks Board, but rather assist the Board in gathering and prioritizing information so the Board may carry out its duties.

Policy Working Group: Gathering and compiling information for the Parks Board Chair regarding the impact and appropriateness of plans and policies adopted or being developed by PP&R, other city bureaus, boards and commissions or by other government agencies that affect parks, natural areas, open space and recreation facilitates and services in the City. It is anticipated that in 2017-18, the Policy will have one sub group charged with gathering and compiling information about – the impact of homelessness on parks, natural areas and PP&R staff.

Infrastructure and Land Use Working Group: Gathering and compiling information for the Parks Board Chair regarding significant land use policies and initiatives, capital improvement projects, the creation of new parks, natural areas, trails, open spaces and recreation facilities, proposed major maintenance projects, capital funding and health, safety and environment efforts. One or more members of this group will participate in the annual Capital Improvement Project process (CIP) conducted by PP&R.

Community Development Working Group: Gathering and compiling information for the Parks Board Chair regarding public outreach, education, advocacy and opportunities for creating a forum for public discussion about parks and recreation issues, including equity in parks and in the delivery of recreation services and outreach to underserved communities, recognized Friends and Partner groups, community organizations, volunteers and other collaborators. This group will gather and compile information for use by the Parks Board in assessing progress by the Bureau in its efforts to implement the Bureau’s 5-year Racial Equity Plan.

Financial Stability Working Group: Gathering and compiling information for the Parks Board Chair with respect to the annual PP&R budget; the structure, strategy, campaign leadership and funding, amount and timing of new levies or bond issues; and alternative sources of sustainable financing for PP&R. The group will participate in, and provide information with respect to, the Bureau’s System Development Charges (SDC) efforts and the development of City Council policy on such issues as ongoing operations & maintenance funding, cost recovery and preschool financial stability planning. It is anticipated that this group will review the Parks Board participation in the Budget Advisory and suggest alternatives to the Parks Board Chair for improving the effectiveness of that participation.

Changes to Working Groups Charges: On an annual basis, each Working Group will review its charge and suggest to the Parks Board Chair any changes the group finds appropriate.

Park Board Chair Responsibility: The Parks Board Chair will bring information gathered and compiled by the working groups to the Park Board to inform Board decisions, recommendations and advice rendered pursuant to the Board’s duties under City Code.

Working Group Membership: On an annual basis, the Parks Board Chair will assign Board members to the respective working groups, based on each member’s interests and expertise. Each Board member is expected to serve on one group. However, any Board member may volunteer to serve on more than one group. In addition to members of the Parks Board, individuals with relevant expertise or experience may be nominated, with the approval of the Board chair, to serve on any working group without having to also serve on the Parks Board. In July of each year, the Board Chair will make recommendations to the Parks Board with respect to the chair of each working group.

Not more than 5 Parks Board members may be assigned to any one working group.

Working Group Chair Responsibilities: The chair of each working group is responsible for scheduling meetings, developing and distributing agendas and materials, and serving as a liaison with PP&R staff. Working Group chairs should distribute meeting notices, agendas and minutes (if taken) to the PP&R staff serving as custodian of the Board official records It is anticipated that the Parks Board will meet every other month. Working Group chairs are encouraged to schedule at least one meeting during the months the Board is not meeting, at the same time at which Parks Board meetings are typically held.

Working Group Attendance/Minutes: Any member of the Parks Board may attend any working group meeting. At the beginning of each meeting, the working group chair will determine if there are Parks Board members present in addition to those assigned to the working group. In order to avoid inadvertently creating a quorum of the Parks Board, the Working Group chair may ask Board members who are not serving on the Working Group to voluntarily leave the meeting so that a quorum of Parks Board is not created or may ask the Board Chair to schedule the topic of discussion to a full Parks Board meeting. Each group may decide whether or not to take minutes at any meeting. Bureau staff will not be available to take minutes.

Working Group/Staff Relationship: The Director of PP&R will assign one or more staff members to act as liaisons to each group. The role of the staff liaison is to respond to group requests for information and direct group chairs to subject matter experts in PP&R with information or expertise relevant to the group’s work. Any request for a staff member to spend substantial time on a working group project must be approved by the Director of PP&R.