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Director Park Kiosk—Downtown Commercial Lease Opportunity

Director Park Kiosk—Downtown Commercial Lease Opportunity Request for Interest
Director Park, 815 SW Park Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97205

Click here for a printable PDF of the information below.

Program Objective

Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) invites interest from individuals, for-profit and non-profit organizations and businesses to submit proposals for a lease agreement at Director Park Kiosk. PP&R recognizes that an effective public-private agreement for this property has the potential to not only generate revenue to help support PP&R’s mission, but also positively enhance the experience of park users, businesses and residents surrounding the Park, as well as visitor experience downtown.

Lease will include 840 square feet of commercial space within the building (PP&R office space, public restroom and utilities closet not included). A floor plan of the building is attached to this RFI. The commercial lease will also include the 800-square foot seasonal, outdoor, upper terrace adjacent to the tenant space if desired. Responsive proposals must demonstrate a sound business plan with financial sustainability. PP&R will entertain proposals for an initial lease term of five (5) years with options to renew. The lease rates will be negotiated based upon the type of proposed use and fair market rates for similar uses.

This Request for Interest (RFI) is encouraging and creating the competitive environment for a new agreement to be created. This RFI is designed to give all who may be interested an opportunity to suggest a public-private partnership through a lease agreement.

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Goals for Commercial Lease at Director Park Kiosk

  • Bring daily positive activity and energy to Director Park
  • Enhance the experience of park users, surrounding businesses and residents, as well as visitors to downtown Portland.
  • Provide an attractive destination that will draw people into the park.
  • Support vibrant, inclusive, community open space.
  • Keep the area clean and safe.
  • Support activities that are responsive to critical community needs in the area and for positive park experience for all park users.
  • Support activities that strengthen networks and encourage creative partnerships between the City, nonprofits, community-based organizations, private businesses and residents.
  • Support cultural, ritual, and artistic practices that bring diverse people together and contribute to more cohesive, resilient communities.

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Evaluation Criteria
This RFI requires proposers to provide the following:

Cover Letter must include the following (5 points)
RFI title, Name(s) of person(s) authorized to represent the Proposer in any agreement negotiations and execution, contact information (street address, phone and email addresses). Cover letter must provide an overview of the concept, and demonstrate how the proposal meets PP&R’s goals for Director Park Kiosk.

Business Plan must include the following;

  • Concise summary of the proposal and identify how proposed idea/activity will meet PP&R’s program objective and goals identified above. (10 points)
    Proposals must clearly explain how the proposed idea/activity will produce clearly defined positive financial, social, environmental and/or cultural impact to Director Park, and the surrounding neighborhoods, and provide positive park experience.

  • Proposer’s qualifications and experience (10 points)
    Proposer must have experience and qualifications necessary to operate their proposed business.

  • Details of expected startup costs, including any required tenant improvements; and description of the capabilities of the Proposer including financial capacity to start and operate proposed idea/activity. (10 points) 
    Proposal must demonstrate a sound business plan with financial sustainability. 
  • Maintenance/Cleaning Plan (5 points)
    The Director Park Kiosk tenant will be required to maintain the areas within the leased and shared areas in a neat and clean condition. Proposals must include site maintenance cleaning & maintenance plan to respond to a high trafficked site in a public park.
  • Safety/Security Plan (5 points)
    Director Park is a heavily used, public park in downtown Portland.  Proposals must include an internal safety/security plan to address the unique challenges and opportunities of being a tenant of a public park as opposed to a stand-alone tenant space.
  • Seasonal Plan (5 points)
    PP&R desires year-round, daily positive activity in Director Park. Proposals must include a summary of how the proposed activity meets this goal, and how proposer plans to adapt operations (i.e, days and hours of operation) to meet the seasonality of the park.
  • Director Park Common Area Activities (5 points)
    Use of the leased space may be heavily influenced by events, activities, and programs in Director Park. Proposals must include a summary of how their proposed use will accommodate fluctuating business demand associated with planned and unplanned events, activities, and programs in the park.
  • Concept Site Plan (5 points)
    Provide description of your utilization of the space (building and outdoor terrace) and design needs for your proposed idea/activity in narrative form, a simple site plan sketch, and other graphics including but not limited to images of your concept. If the use of the outdoor terrace area is not required for your business operations and/or a shared use of this area would be acceptable then please indicate so within your business plan.

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Proposal Evaluation

An evaluation review committee will evaluate the proposals received. For the purpose of scoring, each of the committee members will evaluate proposals in accordance with the criteria and point factors listed above. The evaluation committee may seek outside expertise, including but not limited to input from technical advisors, to assist in evaluating proposals. High scoring to a proposal is not a guarantee that an agreement will result.

The successful proposer(s) shall be selected by the following process:

  1. The committee will score the written proposals based on the information submitted according to the evaluation criteria and point factors.
  2. The committee will require a minimum of 10 working days to evaluate and score the written proposals.
  3. A short list of proposers may be selected for oral interviews if deemed necessary, which may result in additional points. The City reserves the right to increase or decrease the number of proposers on the short list depending on whether the proposers have a reasonable chance of being awarded a contract.

PP&R reserves the right to consider one or multiple proposals with compatible uses/activities. PP&R also reserves the right to reject all proposals. Nothing in this RFI mandates PP&R enter into any contract with proposer. Following the proposal evaluation, PP&R may select one of these options:

  1. Approval of one or multiple proposals and enter into negotiations;
    1. Lease for Director Park Kiosk anticipated to commence Spring/Summer 2018
    2. Request additional information from the proposer(s); or
    3. Reject all proposal(s).

All PP&R decisions are final, and not subject to appeal or dispute.

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Proposal Submission

  • Optional on-site pre-submittal meeting will be held on Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 9:00 am. Proposers are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting as they will have the opportunity to view the current interior design of the building and it fixtures. In addition, PP&R staff will speak to the relationship of this space with regard to activities that take place within Director Park.

Proposals are due not later than Thursday, May 3, 2018 (PP&R reserves the right to extend RFI period. If extension is issued, all submitted Proposals will have the opportunity to use this extra time to update their proposals if they desire.)

Proposals submitted will be no more than 10 pages. Please submit one electronic copy to the PP&R Contact listed below by due date.

Megan Dirks, Innovation Project Manager
Property & Business Development
Portland Parks & Recreation
1001 SW Fifth Avenue, Suite 2200
Portland, Oregon 97204

Preferred Use Guidelines

The following list of desired uses is a tool for prospective applicants. However, PP&R will consider all proposals that meet the desired program objectives and stated goals. The following list has been created to serve not as pre-approval, but as guidelines, each use remaining subject to a level quality screening. Proposals that meet the desired objectives for year-round, daily positive activity will be prioritized.

(i) Single-Tenant Preferred Uses
The following uses are desired for the premises:

  • Restaurant featuring on-site food and beverage preparation and service
  • Café featuring pre-made or delivered food and/or on-site beverages

(ii) Compatible uses
The following complementary activities will also be considered, provided the proposed combination of activities meets PP&R’s primary objective for daily, positive activity. Small, portable, self-contained food/beverage or art carts in upper terrace (no larger than 6x6) in combination with acceptable uses (or similar) listed below:

  • Gallery
  • Visitor/Information Center
  • Florist
  • Chocolatier
  • Book Store
  • Fresh Produce
  • Opportunities and activities that support health/wellness  
  • Opportunities and activities that support arts/culture

(iii) Not acceptable uses
The following uses have been identified as generally not desired for the Premises. PP&R will not consider proposals for the following activities:

  • Medical professionals including optical dispensing, dental and chiropractic
  • Printing/paper
  • Fashion retail including shoes, clothing, jewelry and accessories
  • Dry cleaning
  • Games parlor
  • Hair salon or spa
  • Fast food chain (except café)
  • Convenience store
  • Appliance Sales
  • Cigar store

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