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Portland Open Space Sequence Restoration Project

Halprin Sequence Map

This project includes the historic restoration of the four parks within the Portland Open Space Sequence – Keller Fountain Park, Pettygrove Park, Lovejoy Fountain Park, and the Source Fountain. 

Improvements include historic restoration of a variety of site and fountain elements

Photo of Ira Keller Fountain


Lighting Infrastructure
- Major restoration of site and fountain lighting, such as new mast lighting, recessed wall and step lighting

- Replace concrete walkway sections that are significantly lifting, cracking, settling or damaged
- Repair and replace handrails to improve accessibility

Fountain Structure
- Comprehensive cleaning of fountain structure
- Restoration and repair of concrete in vertical walls and basins 

Site Infrastructure
- Replace fountain grates that create tripping hazards
- Repair and clear existing stormwater lines and upgrade the site drainage system to reduce water runoff

Photo of Pettygrove Park


Site Infrastructure
- Repairs to storm drainage system including:
     - New catch basin covers
     - Rehabilitation of existing stormwater lines and addition of new lines to reduce water runoff

Lovejoy Fountain


Lighting Infrastructure
- Restore recessed wall and step lighting
- Revisions to electrical equipment to meet current PGE safety standards and to improve energy efficiency

- Remove and replace leaning trees that have damaged the surrounding paving
- Replace concrete walkway sections that are significantly lifting, cracking, settling or damaged

Fountain Infrastructure
- Rehabilitate control room ventilation system

Site Infrastructure
- Repair and clear stormwater drainage system to reduce water runoff

Source Fountain photo


Fountain Infrastructure
- Replace or repair broken or leaking pipes
- Rebuild fountain vault wall

Site Infrastructure
- Clear blocked stormwater lines and install new trench drains


The construction documentation, permitting, and bidding processes are completed. Construction is expected to start in July 2018. 

Keller Fountain Park: Keller Fountain will be shut down starting June 25, 2018 for some specialized fountain concrete restoration. The park and fountain are anticipated to remain closed for the remainder of 2018, and reopen in late Fall 2018, with subsequent finish work when weather allows in Spring 2019.

Lovejoy Fountain Park: Construction fences will go up at Lovejoy starting July 23, 2018. The park is anticipated to reopen in late Fall 2018 to Winter 2019, with subsequent finish work when weather allows in Spring 2019.

The Source Fountain: Work at The Source will occur as time allows between Fall 2018 to Spring 2019. 

Pettygrove Park: Work at Pettygrove Park is anticipated to occur in Spring to Summer 2019.


December 2016
City Council to approved formation of Portland Open Space Sequence Local Improvement District (LID)

Spring 2017
Hire Design Team, led by PLACE Studio, to take drawings from 30% Design to 100%

Spring 2017 – Spring 2018
Hire Construction Manager/General Contractor - Stacy and Witbeck, construction documents completion, permitting, and subcontractor bidding

Summer 2018 – Summer 2019


Over 50 years ago, the Portland Development Commission (“PDC”) took the bold step of redeveloping a 55-block swath of the city as its first urban renewal project. And in what would become a tradition of making public space an intrinsic part of modern Portland’s urban fabric, the PDC set aside three full blocks and a series of adjoining streets for parks and garden-lined pedestrian walks. And to design the ensemble, the PDC hired one of the most visionary landscape architecture firms of the 20th century: Lawrence Halprin and Associates.

The Source Fountain, Lovejoy Fountain, Pettygrove Park, Forecourt Fountain (later named Ira Keller Fountain), and the adjacent pedestrian malls—collectively dubbed by Halprin as the Portland Open Space Sequence (the “Sequence”)—changed the history of American urban space, pioneering a path from passive parks and squares to more dynamic, participatory merging of parks and art.

Formed in 2001, the Halprin Landscape Conservancy (“the Conservancy”) is a non-profit organization under Sections 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Conservancy's mission is to honor and preserve the Sequence by increasing awareness of the Sequence as an important city and national cultural resource; improving the Sequence according to the original vision of Lawrence Halprin; and assuring the Sequence's upkeep at the level of a residential garden. Since its formation, the Conservancy has worked with the City, surrounding stakeholders, and donors to carry out several aspects of that mission.  

The Conservancy submitted a nomination to the National Parks Service, and the Sequence was designated as a National Historic Registry District on the National Register of Historic Places in March 2013.  The Conservancy is pursuing a National Historic Landmark designation at the National Park Service for the Sequence which will recognize the international significance of the Sequence and its architects.

The City's Parks, Maintenance, Transportation, and Water Bureaus all have had responsibility for the operation and maintenance of various elements of the Sequence through a 1979 Ordinance No 147584, titled: An Ordinance accepting the transfer of certain parcels of land for use as pedestrian malls located in the South Auditorium Urban Renewal Project to the City in accordance with Urban Renewal Plan from the Portland Development Commission, and declaring an emergency.

Over time, simple aging, along with deferred maintenance due to City budgeting challenges, have left the plazas and fountains in dire need of care and restoration.  The City recognized the international significance of the Sequence and wanted to seek additional support through charitable contributions and participation by the community. The City recognized the contributions of the Conservancy in support of these goals and the Council adopted Ordinance No. 184646 on June 8, 2011 authorizing an agreement with Halprin Landscape Conservancy to fundraise and undertake repair and maintenance of the fountains and surrounding park areas in the Portland Open Space Sequence. 

Project Manager
Sandra Burtzos,, 503-823-5594

Public Involvement Coordinator
Christine Egan,, 503-823-5596

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Karen Whitman,
Halprin Landscape Conservancy