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Multnomah County Laws

Dogs must be properly licensed and vaccinated. Dogs must be leashed at all times while on public property and in parks (except in designated off-leash areas), and owners must remove their dog's waste. These laws exist for the health and safety of dogs and people.
13.305 Duties Of Owners.
(A) For the purposes of this section, unless otherwise limited, the owner is ultimately responsible for the behavior of the animal regardless of whether the owner or another member of the owner's household or a household visitor permitted the animal to engage in the behavior that is the subject of the violation.
(B) It is unlawful for any person to commit any of the following: (1) Permit an animal to be an animal at large*;....
*ANIMAL AT LARGE. Any animal, excluding domestic cats, that is not physically restrained on owner's or keeper's premises including motorized vehicles in a manner that physically prevents the animal from leaving the premises or reaching any public areas; or, is not physically restrained when on public property, or any public area, by a leash, tether or other physical control device not to exceed eight feet in length and under the physical control of a capable person.
13.303 Animal Wastes; Duty To Remove. Any person in physical possession or control of any animal off the premises of the animal's owner or keeper shall immediately remove excrement or other solid waste deposited by the animal in any public area.
Multnomah County Animal Control has the authority to enforce leash and scoop laws and can issue fines of up to $150. For more information, call Animal Control at 503-988-7387.
Animal Control Law defines dangerous dogs as:
  • An off-leash dog that menaces, chases, or displays threatening or aggressive behavior, which threatens or endangers the safety of any person;
  • An off-leash dog that causes physical injury to any domestic animal;
  • An off-leash dog that aggressively bites any person, or kills or causes death to any domestic animal.