Washington Park Parking Permit Order Form

Fill out the form below to order parking permits. Once payment is made, you will be e-mailed instructions how to access and utilize the permits. Please allow 2 weeks for the purchase to be processed and permits to be created. Guests who do not utilize permits correctly may receive a citation.

Parking fills up fast in Washington Park and permits do not reserve parking spaces. Please consider transit if you are looking to visit during a busy day. For more information about transportation in and around Washington Park visit https://explorewashingtonpark.org

If you have additional questions about permits please reach out to washingtonparkparking@portlandoregon.gov

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Purchase Information

Digital permits are used on Parking Kitty as validations at checkout or discounts after a parking session has started.

Hang tags are physical permits to hang on the rearview mirror of the vehicle. Maximum purchase quantity is 100.

The minimum quantity is 10 permits.

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Terms and Conditions

Refunds will be issued only in the event of overpayment, duplicate payments or if a payment was made when no fee was due. A refund may be requested by calling 503-823-2538, or by emailing washingtonparkparking@portlandoregon.gov