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Portland Bureau of Emergency Management

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3: Find out if you're a City emergency responder

Is your new job considered "essential for emergency response or business continuity?"

Some City of Portland workers are classified as essential for emergency response or business continuity. These employees are required to report to work to respond to emergencies if they are capable and after they have confirmed the safety and welfare of immediate family.

Police and firefighters are obvious examples of these responders but many Facilities, Water, Transportation, Technology Services and Development Services workers also fit into this category. Payroll workers, accountants, attorneys and contract processors are good examples of “business continuity” responders.

Your supervisor should tell you whether or not you are one of these employees. You’ll be told how and when to report to work after an emergency. If you’re not sure about your status, go ahead and ask. 

You're not an emergency responder, but you'd like to be.

Great! The Portland Bureau of Emergency Management offers regular training for City of Portland employees interested in working in the Emergency Coordination Center after an incident. Contact Katy Wolf to join the team.

You're not an emergency responder, but wonder "When do I go back to work after an emergency, a storm or other incident?"

Most bureaus have inclement weather and natual disaster policies that explain when you'll be expected to return to work. Ask your supervisor for a copy and make sure you understand your supervisor's interpretation of the policies. They can be heavy in "bureauspeak" because they're official City of Portland documents.