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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Bureau of Emergency Management

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Borrow an amateur radio set

radioPBEM has eleven Yaesu VX-170 VHF transceivers available for NET volunteers to check out if they cannot afford their own radio (or if they want to try the radio out). Radios are checked out over three months; at the end of the three month period, the borrower must return the radio (if there is a waitlist for borrowing) or renew the check out.

Checking out a radio is free, but you must arrange pick up from PBEM and be ready to show your FCC Technician (or higher) Amateur Radio License when you pick it up. Each radio includes a charger and instruction booklet. The instruction booklet is also downloadable.

The table below indicates which radios are available and when they are due for return to PBEM. If you would like to check one out, please email the NET Coordinator to arrange pick up.

Radio Serial Number  Borrower  Due Date Asset Tag
 7F220816   AVAILABLE   
 7H250321 Jeff Fortner 12/19/2016  
 7H250322 Bart Jackson 02/20/2018  
 7H250323 Bill Coe 08/31/2018 104
 7H250324  AJ Roxburgh 12/24/2018 113
 7H250325 Trish Claffey 02/20/2018  
 7H250326   AVAILABLE  
 7H250328   AVAILABLE  
 7H250329   AVAILABLE 105
 7H250330 Ed Rentz (indefinite check-out)  
 7H250361   AVAILABLE  
 7H250362 Mitch Bixby 08/31/2018 112 
 7H250450 Douglas Young 02/22/2017  
7H250632 Robin Resnick (indefinite check-out)