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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Bureau of Emergency Management

Readiness. Response. Recovery.

Phone: 503-823-4375

Fax: 503-823-3903

TDD: 503-823-3947

Fire Station Orange Go-Kits

Each Portland Fire & Rescue fire station has an "orange go-kit": a 55-watt Icom IC-2100H and a roof-mounted antenna. NET volunteers are permitted to use this equipment if they have a valid FCC amateur radio license. The kit CANNOT leave the fire station, and so cannot be checked out; but, a volunteer can visit a fire station and use the radio there. To schedule a time to do this, please contact the NET Coordinator.

An introductory video to the Orange Kit:

Click here to watch the video.


 Orange Kits include the following equipment  
VHF radio (Icom IC-2100H/IC-2200H) Notebook with: radio box inventory, 
basic radio operation instructions, activation procedures 
and frequency list, forms, city map, and blank paper
 Microphone  J-pole roll-up VHF antenna
AC power supply (Astron SS-25M)  AC ground adapter plug 
Coax cable, 25'  Extension cord, 50' (qty 2) 
Coax cable, 100'  Zippered pouch
(container for small items) 
Pencils  Small screwdrivers (1 flat, 1 Phillips) 
SO-239 female-to-female barrel adapter
(for combining coax cables) 
Pencil sharpener 
 AC power cable (black) BNC-to-SO-239 adapter
(for J-pole roll-up antenna) 
DC power cable
(links power supply to radio) 
20 amp fuse
(for radio power cables) 
Car battery power cable
(links  power supply to radio)
 Radio operation manual
Cigarette lighter adapter
(to install radio into a car)
Magnetic mount whip antenna 
Handheld UHF BEECN radio (in most, but not all, Orange Kits)