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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Housing Bureau

Solving the unmet housing needs of the people of Portland.

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Inclusionary Housing

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The City of Portland has identified the need for a minimum of 23,000 additional housing units to serve low and moderate income households. The Inclusionary Housing program is designed to help meet this need, working to preserve economically diverse neighborhoods and housing affordability.

How Does the Program Work?

Inclusionary Housing requires that all residential buildings proposing 20 or more units provide a percentage of the new units at rents affordable to households at 80% of the median family income (MFI). The City has defined additional regulatory options under the umbrella of this requirement. Permit applications must include one of the options to provide affordable housing in their proposal, or applicants can opt to pay a fee-in-lieu at permit issuance.

All permit applications are reviewed by the Portland Housing Bureau. PHB staff are available to assist with questions.

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Story Map and Pipeline of Projects

Updated April 1, 2019. Explore Inclusionary Housing in Portland, program review and upcoming actions for continued success.

18-Month Program Review

Published September 2018

Regulatory Option 1: 80% MFI

In buildings with 20 or more units, 15% of the units must be affordable at 80% MFI, except within the Central City and Gateway Plan Districts, where 20% of the units must be affordable.

Regulatory Option 2: 60% MFI

Applicants can elect to make 10% of units affordable at 60% MFI in buildings within the Central City and Gateway Plan Districts, or 8% of units for buildings in all other areas.

Regulatory Option 3: Build Off-Site

Applicants can elect to build affordable units off-site in another new building (receiving site), separate from the multifamily building that is subject to the program requirements (sending site).

Regulatory Option 4: Designate Existing Units

Applicants can elect to designate affordable units in an existing building (receiving site), separate from the multifamily building subject to the program requirements (sending site).

Regulatory Option 5: Reconfiguration

Within Options 1 and 2, applicants can provide an alternative mix of affordable units based on the total number of bedrooms required with the option chosen.

Regulatory Option 6: Fee-in-Lieu

Applicants may pay a fee-in-lieu in place of providing affordable units.

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