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Portland Housing Bureau

Solving the unmet housing needs of the people of Portland.

Phone: 503-823-2375

fax: 503-823-2387

421 SW 6th Avenue, Suite 500, Portland, OR 97204

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Approved Lenders

11/19/14   MCC Allocation



 - last updated 6/28/17


Norm Kremer All Pacific Mortgage 503-997-5733
Amanda Niles Alpine Mortgage Planning 503-810-4873 
Bill Clark Alpine Mortgage Planning 503-496-3826
Doug Mendenhall Alpine Mortgage Planning  503-317-9435
James Jay Alpine Mortgage Planning 503-341-1499
Michelle Kirkendall Alpine Mortgage Planning 503-312-6307
Tim Stinson Alpine Mortgage Planning 503-819-7703
Tu Phan Alpine Mortgage Planning 503-496-5718
Brian Kerr Caliber Home Loans 503-210-3027 
Bob Milano Eagle Home Mortgage 503-970-9714 
Vince Kingston  Eagle Home Mortgage 971-221-8525   
Jamie Helton ENG Lending 503-961-4239 
Shannon McAlister  ENG Lending 503-516-8881 
 Brad Hippert Equity Atlas, Inc. 971-888-5908
Ashley Donkin Equity Mortgage Group 503-780-9258
Matt Kolberg Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp 503-680-3280
Diane Cassel Finance of America, LLC 971-204-0081
Daniel Snoey Finance of America, LLC 360-601-1536
Terra Wood Finance of America, LLC 503-748-2798
Amanda Good  Green Mortgage Northwest 503-568-1285 
Liz Marre Green Mortgage Northwest 503-568-1285 
Julee Felsman Guaranteed Rate, Inc. 503-799-3711
Brian E. Spitulski Guardian Residential Lending 206-499-4726 
Juha Tuominen Guardian Residential Lending 503-997-7521
Bob Krueger  Guild Mortgage Company 503-490-0459 
Brad Hansen  Guild Mortgage Company 503-544-8504 
Carol Flanagan Guild Mortgage Company 503-260-2612 
Faith Watkins Guild Mortgage Company 503-528-9800 
Jonelle Knipe Guild Mortgage Company 503-475-7195
Julie Atchison Guild Mortgage Company 503-803-0378 
Julie Ottaway Guild Mortgage Company 503-828-5310 
Mike Maier Guild Mortgage Company 503-545-9879
Steph Noble Guild Mortgage Company 503-528-9800
Stephanie Brown Guild Mortgage Company 503-684-3000
 Dawn Frasca Guild Mortgage Company 503-209-1043
 Frank Sloan Guild Mortgage Company 503-816-4602
Chris Holden HomeStreet Bank 503-652-5011
Deona DeLong HomeStreet Bank 503-778-2880
Jennifer Larsen HomeStreet Bank 503-227-3956
Kara Berglund HomeStreet Bank 971-404-5530
Kriss Parnell HomeStreet Bank 503-997-9419
Nick Prohaska HomeStreet Bank 503-416-7840
Qualen Carter HomeStreet Bank 503-850-3880
Ralph Austin HomeStreet Bank 503-219-0784
Jayna Carlson  HomeStreet Bank 503-778-2882
Rian Patrick HomeStreet Bank 503-652-5033
Todde Greenough LoanStar Home Lending, LLC 503-807-5196
Travis Hoover LoanStar Home Lending, LLC 971-219-6178  
Jon Kuruhara LoanStar Home Lending, LLC 503-601-8299 
Paul Martinez Mann Mortgage 503-232-6659
Darren Balogh Mortgage Loans Northwest 503-504-2979 
Joel Morgan Options Financial Residential Mortgage  503-705-8405 
Michelle Marlo Options Financial Residential Mortgage 503-643-5220 
James Adair PDX Home Loan 503-445-6033 
Eric Dunlap Peak Mortgage 503-546-0460
Tanya Elder Peak Mortgage 503-563-0950
Rodrigo Hulse Peak Mortgage 503-567-1620
Bertha Ferran Penrith Home Loans 503-464-9215
Clayton Scott Penrith Home Loans 503-497-5060  
Dylan Scott Penrith Home Loans 503-497-5281
Tom Gustafson Penrith Home Loans 503-805-8325
Heidi Martin Portland Housing Center 503-797-4020
Terry Itami Portland Housing Center 503-797-4018 
Jennifer R. Bell Premier Mortgage Resources 503-939-4130
Paul Marrs Premier Mortgage Resources 503-416-2102
Don MacKay PrimeLending, a PlainsCapital Co 503-716-3715
 Mike Shirley PrimeLending, a Plains Capital Co 503-575-1365  
Julie Fast River City Mortgage 503-740-4530
Loren Pember Riverside Mortgage Group 503-252-2401
Robert Bowles  Rose City Mortgage 503-490-5153 
Daniel Summerfeldt Sierra Pacific Mortgage Company, Inc. 503-804-9276
Stacy Yost Sierra Pacific Mortgage Company, Inc. 971-300-0495
Mark Aalto Summit Funding Inc 503-334-4737 
Jeff Naylor Summit Mortgage 503-459-0586 
Miles Rusth Summit Mortgage 503-546-1270 
Bryce C. Elder Sunrise Mortgage Group 971-212-4655
Laura P. Frost Sunrise Mortgage Group 503-319-7988
Pat Schmitt Sunrise Mortgage Group  503-704-8900
Tracie Dickinson Supreme Lending  971-219-6018
Drew Lovern Umpqua Bank 503-268-6284
Jason Spohn Umpqua Bank 503-729-4585 
Jennifer Monaco Umpqua Bank 503-560-4115
Jennifer Zherebilov Umpqua Bank  971-400-4155 
Katie Hamm Umpqua Bank 503-319-8814
Kristen Burke Umpqua Bank 971-544-3743 
Mac Dengsot Umpqua Bank  971-544-1039 
Michele Geraci Umpqua Bank 503-577-8770
Rayko Diaz Umpqua Bank  971-544-1127
Vanessa Rez Umpqua Bank 503-476-4953
Jeremy Gaskin US Bank 503-275-4278 
Andrew Usher Usher Financial  503-595-1600 
Carolyn Hargus Wells Fargo Home Mortgage  706-255-5613  
Cynthia Rockney Wells Fargo Home Mortgage 503-756-1271
John M. Martinez Wells Fargo Home Mortgage 971-506-8053
Juan Serrano Wells Fargo Home Mortgage  503-888-3593 
Tammie Jungling Wells Fargo Home Mortgage  503-590-3938 




Sarah   Morrow USA   Direct Funding 503-341-4957