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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Housing Bureau

Solving the unmet housing needs of the people of Portland.

Phone: 503-823-2375

fax: 503-823-2387

421 SW 6th Avenue, Suite 500, Portland, OR 97204

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How to Apply

Here's a step-by-step look at the process for getting a Down Payment Assistance Loan (DPAL):

  1. Contact MHAC. The homebuyer contacts one of the four MHAC partner agencies and makes an appointment with a homebuyer counselor/coach.
  2. Meet with the Counselor. The counselor explains the DPAL program, as well as other options, and helps the homebuyer—as necessary—to fill out the MHAC DPAL application.
  3. Take the Homebuyer Class. The homebuyer takes an 8-hour HUD approved homebuyer education class. (The counselor can provide information on these classes.)
  4. Pre-Approval. The homebuyer selects a lender and obtains approval for a loan.
  5. Selection. Based upon fixed selection criteria, MHAC counselors decide which homebuyers will receive DPAL awards, and the maximum amount of the awards. The counselors issue award letters to the homebuyers, and forward a copy of the letter to PHB. Note: the award is contingent upon the homebuyer meeting all PHB eligibility and underwriting standards.
  6. PHB Application. The counselor helps the homebuyer fill out the PHB DPAL application, and then forwards it to PHB along with the homebuyer education class certificate, and the homebuyer financial information for the entire household.
  7. Find A Home. The homebuyer selects a realtor who helps the homebuyer look for homes in their designated Urban Renewal Area, and make an offer. When the seller accepts the offer, the homebuyer or realtor forwards the contract to the MHAC counselor, who forwards it to PHB.
  8. Credit Package. PHB requests the full credit package from the lender, including the appraisal.
  9. PHB Review. PHB reviews the application and supporting documents within five business days of receiving a complete credit package. If necessary, PHB obtains any additional documentation from the lender.
  10. Commitment letter. PHB issues a conditional reservation of DPAL funds to the homebuyer and sends a copy to the lender (or denies the DPAL application and the process ends).
  11. Escrow. PHB prepares and delivers DPAL documents to the applicable Title and Escrow Company.
  12. Closing. At loan closing, the homebuyer signs all necessary DPAL documents and meets all outstanding conditions required for funding.
  13. Funding. PHB sends the DPAL funds and the County records the DPAL Deed of Trust.
  14. Rehab Grant. As soon after loan closing as possible, the homebuyer begins working with a PHB Construction Coordinator to identify eligible improvements and must expend the full amount of their Home Improvement Grant Fund within six months of loan closing.