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Lead Paint Information &

The lead paint hazard information available through is derived from data on properties that were enrolled in the Portland Lead Hazard Control Program from 2004 to the present. Following are some definitions to help you understand what this information means:

  • Property Tested: This property had a risk assessment conducted to determine if any lead based paint hazards were present
  • Date Tested: This is the date of the risk assessment. Results from a risk assessment only represent the conditions that were present at the time of the assessment. This also indicates that a report exists that must be disclosed prior to the sale or rental of this property per the federal Lead Safe Housing Rule.
  • Hazard Found: Lead-based paint is a hazard if it is deteriorating, chalking, peeling, or is disturbed in some way. Lead-based paint that is intact does not present a hazard. If a hazard was found, the property typically underwent lead hazard control work and the completion of that work is noted by the “cleared date.” If no hazards were found, this does not mean that the property does not currently have hazards or that no lead-based paint is/was present. This only means that at the date of the assessment, the property was not found to have hazards. The condition of the paint may have changed since the “date tested.”
  • Cleared Date: Before lead hazard control work is considered complete, a clearance test is conducted to determine that the hazard has been treated and the property is “cleared.” This only means that at the date of the clearance testing, the property was not found to have leaded dust in amounts that would indicate a hazard, i.e. below the Environmental Protection Agency’s Residential Lead Hazard Standards. The condition of the paint and the dust levels may have changed since the “cleared date.”

If there is not a clearance date for a property that had a “hazard found,” then the hazards were not addressed by the Portland Lead Hazard Contorl Program and may or may not still exist, or the property is still enrolled in the program and this information will be coming soon.